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Another round of randomness. My internet's down. And so I seat cuddling my blackberry, I have a bunch of books to read on micro finance banking, women rights issues and extraordinary women in the bible. But I'd rather fiddle with my bb.
Did I mention I got another job offer? Now I'm confused, am I being overestimated? Or have I underestimated myself? I didn't even ask for time to think about it. I got the phone call and in the same breath I said I couldn't/wouldn't do it. I'm broke now, but somehow the valleys been filling up for me,even without the rains.

I find it insulting that some people call me from the bathroom. Its just not fair. Totally unflattering that I'm the one you think of when you want to take a dump. They probably think I'm so tone deaf that I don't hear when they flush, and that's the cue, after flushing 'alright babes, talk later", yeah talk later....when the indian food gives you a running stomach.
I am not your substitute for the newspapers, games or books you take to keep you company in the loo.

I'm quite mad. Some private company I invested in and put in a huge junk of clients money into haven't paid out any dividend in two years. That's not the bad part. The bad part is the children of the chairman bought a private jet...they've flown with their friends to watch formula one matches and play polo in certain places. I could give details but that'll be telling.
At least if they're not paying dividends I should be flying with them in the plane to wherever. Afterall I helped make the money that purchased the plane. So maybe thats where my beef is... not flying in the plane to wherever with them:)

I've been busy, on the campaign trail,trying to get re-elected to the white house, giving state of the union addresses and signing bills. Attending state dinners, Flying on airforce one and driving round town in a presidential motorcade with the seal of the president of the unites states.
See, I've been having dreams. Laugh all you want, I just need you to remember the story of Joseph, his brothers laughed too. He had the last laugh. So who knows, I might be the next president of the united states  'Mrs president ma'am...." Or maybe I'll be the wife of the next president of Nigeria in 2015....we all know when it comes to my beloved country the wives hold the power.
So maybe this dreams are revelations or they're just a hangover from the west-wing marathon I've been having. Like I dreamed of hospitals and being a surgeon when I did a house/greys anatomy marathon. Oh well we can only hope for the best and dream them to existence.

The bible is the best story ever written. There's a story within the, scratch that, there are stories within the story. You could learn a dozen lessons from just one story, and there's nothing in this world that you go through that can't be found there. That's a comforting fact.

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  1. Hot Commodity!Job offers from left right and center. That's good to hear! You should check out LDP's blog. This thing about dreams, just hold on to it. Never take for granted the potential you have. Hope we get to hear some exciting news from you! :-)

  2. And your valleys will continue to be filled. Funny I was discussing the bible the other day. SO many stories, so many lessons. Motivation, inspiration, instruction, you name it...

  3. New likey....hold on to your dream ....makes you keep focus..

  4. lol.....the wives sure hold the power...wink...

  5. New on here. But I think I get the drift. Is there a way to make the lil company pay up and stuff? Arbitration of some sort? This is not my field of play so I most definitely sound the blonde.

    Lol @ your dreams. No dream is too small oh. You should hear how grandiose mines are. :D

  6. I will elect you president of the United States if you promise to adopt Nigeria... :-)

  7. Do you people have a facebook fan page? I looked for one on twitter but could not discover one, I would really like to become a fan!


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