Audi 80: In Loving memory

The car after my own heart. You stood by me through thick and thin.
How I loved you, we roughed it out together, we conquered the porthole infested roads together, driving through them like you were a land cruiser.
That’s what I loved about you, you always believed in yourself and did more than you could.and how cheap you were to maintain....just a few litres of fuel took me places:) yeah i know i starved you when it came yo your juice. Thank God for mum or you'd never have known what a full tank/belly felt like.

You tolerated my girlyhood, all those emotional roller coaster rides I took you on, crying and driving blindly far away from town, on highways with trailers and speed demon drivers…
All those girls I cramped into you. poor you, driving round town with girls hanging on every part of you.
You knew so many secrets, you listened to so many gossips…good thing you can’t talk, you might have betrayed me on one of those days I treated you like crap….remember? days when i was allowed to drive the mercedes.

You were true to the end, never once breaking down on me, even when you were sick, cancer of the throat, that made starting you a pain, you still stayed faithful.
You were a stubborn darling, refusing to abandon me.
You outdid that somewhat posh car in the race my friend used you for, I mean who knew you had it in you, one minute you’re my plain ol audi, and the next you’re flying in a race and winning, knocking the engine of the poor guy who dared to dare you. everyone had renewed respect for you after that day. Oh how you loved the attention.

Then you started to fall apart, the cancer took its toil on you, you would cough and splutter before you moved. But even with that, you stayed strong. All shiny and bright on the outside but hurting in the inside. You stayed with me through the four years in school. And mom knew you had gone through enough, it was time to let you go. Don’t get me wrong, as much as I was excited about getting to drive a new car that looked better than you, I loved you and I was sad to see you go.
Although you weren’t so hideous, you accepted the jokes of friends suggesting we send you in for pimp my ride. I’m not saying you wouldn’t have qualified, but hey…. I looked beyond your model and loved you.

I wonder where you are now audi? Are you making someone else happy? Or have you been abandoned in some junk yard? Its been 5 years, and somehow, even with all the classier and better(I don’t mean to be rude hun) cars, I still miss you and your stiff steering. Just driving you daily helped tone my arms.
Where ever you are audi, I want you to know that I miss you and I really did love you.



  1. lol @ "just driving you daily helped tone my arms"

  2. I hope Audi is making someone happy than resting in a junkyard. Sweet Tribute

  3. @bumight, u have no idea how stiff the wheel was :)

    @myne truthfully? i hope hes been taken to a junkyard/retirement already. he deserves to live his last days in peace.

  4. Awwww...If your car is in Nigeria, you can be rest assured that it is making someone else happy and not lying abandoned in a junk yard. :D

  5. lol at u helped me tone my arms,yes o i once had a toyota like tht , my first car, na real muscle toning mehn

  6. eeeeya should do a tribute to my ex car too on the other hand not realy too busy driving my range (yes i do drive a range in real life not blogsville)to do tributes .

  7. Hilarious read FQ...
    An Ode to the Audi


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