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I haven't seen the 'eat love pray' movie. But i can't help thinking i have my own fab eat love and pray moments ever so often, and all in one continent, under one roof, wherever i am. How blessed am i? Like seriously who needs to go round the continents of the world to find what can be found in the heart(yeah, there is a place in my heart for food too:). I'm having one of those moments as i spend the vacation with my family.

Red Velvet whoopie thing since puff puff
Its been an amazing time for me. No, not because of the food, but i can't deny it plays a role. I'm chubby, i would use fat,but it's too strong a word,almost sounds like a curse word. Pencil dresses have to deal with a little bulge in front of me, my jeans have filled up and they fit, maybe a little too well, but I'm not complaining. From hummingbird bakery(discovered the red velvet whoopie pie...yummy) to all the food from the junkyard, to chinese, to puff puff consumed in dozens every other day....and best of all, its been ages since i've had mums cooking on the regular. Shes always making soups as mouth watering as granma's, and with the cold, her peppersoup does the right job of keeping me warm. I stay up all night and stagger to bed at about 5am, you really can't stay up without the midnight snacking. Its greeeaaaat. and as i write this, i'm munching on puff puff and my new favorite yogurt Dr Oetken's Onken coconut flavor . Yummy.

Spending time with God is the best thing ever, its so hard sometimes to drop everything and just concentrate on him,especially when you're away on holiday and your daily routine is disrupted. But i try my best and when i do, i get so overwhelmed. I lie down on the couch in the early mornings, and just talk.
the bible says 'pray without ceasing'
i've come to understand what it means, its not about screaming as loud as you can every moment. Its not about how long i spend on my knees being all spiritual in my talks ("oh thou who maketh meth"). Its about taking God along with me always, having conversations with him. And so as i shop i whisper 'God help me' when i'm confused, its that whispered 'thank you Jesus' i mutter, its remembering words from the bible and saying it to him,its the songs of praise i sing in my heart, the love i show to others....the words of the bible i study. Praying has been my survivor factor, its kept me in check, its uplifted my heart those moments unwanted thoughts try to creep in to ruin my joy. Prayer has been my key, my master key.


in my world, family is love and love is family. Been together makes me feel how strongly i love them. sometimes when we're apart doing our different things, not seeing for weeks and months, its easy to forget that feeling....the one i'm feeling right now. The hugs and kisses i get from my nieces, and the birth of my newest niece gives my heart a much needed warmth in this cold cold world. I've got more than enough love to make my life worth living. I've got the love of God, the love of my family, and the love of #dearfuturehusband whoever he is,wherever he be.

That's all folks. Eat, Love and Pray, for life's too short to worry about what the bathroom scales say:)


  1. I like this perspective....the other day i was talking to my friend about the movie that i will love to actually travel like julia roberts did and experience it.....i don't see myself doing that currently where i am....sigh

  2. lol, go to yellow chilli and experience 'eat' find 'love' on the streets of lekki and go to church in v/i to 'pray'...there you have it, stop the sighing and start grabbing it all :)

  3. Happy new year dear, love this post. I just saw the movie recently on a flight and loved it.


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