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if you're a Nigerian and you own a blackberry, then there's a chance, you've got one or two or more contacts who have this hilarious DPs courtesy of smiling hat. I love him for his humor and omg, where does he come up with words like this 'transvestite antelopes' for more dps from the smiling hat, check him out on twitter @thesmilinghat or facebook



  1. Will def be checking him/her out. I'm laughing my head off here, lol...

  2. lol!!! off to check this out!
    Tew funnay!

  3. oh....ive seen this often!!!!! lol...they always crack mee upppp

  4. LoL.....

    I've actually seen a couple, I guess all saved from him or someone who knows him.

    Nice and witty.

  5. This is so funny...first time of seeing them though...


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