I lay down to sleep at about 5a.m, my heart was heavy… I usually stayed up till 3/3.30am to pray and study and watch an episode of Joseph Prince on TBN before crawling into bed. But on this day, I went online after JP’s ‘Destined to reign’, I sat in the study browsing and daydreaming about a trip /holiday my heart yearned for. I knew it was more of a luxury than a necessity, but I needed a break, and I was broke. Before I drifted off to sleep, I sent a sigh up to God “daddy I really want this”
My phone rang at about 8am, the name on the caller ID was nothing short of a miracle… it was my uncle. The one who is ever so busy and hardly ever calls, the only time he gets to show that he cares is on one on one visits, which was rare cos we lived in different towns then. The one people would scramble to get a call from… and he was calling me. I knew it had to be God. The sleep was completely wiped out of my eyes as we spoke that morning. I mentioned my trip and that’s how I got the money for one of the best holidays I ever had, I even came back with change :p
I prepared to travel to London. I had planned my trip with the profit from a deal I was trying to broker; I even had a mental list of the things I would buy and places i would go. Everything was going so well… at the last minute,(refer to previous post) after my hope had risen to it’s peak, everything crumbled, the deal went flat. There was no source for a ticket for me.
I refused to let myself get weary, I told everyone who asked the date I was leaving. One night, about a week to the day I was slated to travel by faith, I got a call from my bro-in-law to meet him in his study, he was online booking his ticket, and he asked when I was traveling, I told him what date i planned to live, but I didn’t have the cash, my deal didn’t go through and he said he’d buy my ticket along with his… Yayyyy!!!!
I traveled for Christmas without a dime. I refused to make the calls that’d give me the cash; I refused to be that person scrambling or begging for money to travel. I was at God’s mercy. He provided the ticket; he would take care of me. What was more important to me was that I’d be with my nieces for the holiday, all other things didn't matter. I went with nothing, and I wasn’t depressed about it. I don’t understand how, but I always had my needs met, I always had cash and I always shopped. I shopped so much, I even had extra suitcases when I was leaving, just like when I travel with extra cash... I call it feeding of Elijah by the ravens experience. I don’t know where all the cash came from, it didn’t come in bulk, but it was always available for me. God used people to bless me.
Today? I’m preparing for a trip, it’s a friends wedding. We all know how expensive it is to attend weddings these days, from air tickets, to car hires to hotels. My bank accounts aren’t smiling at me; neither is my wallet romancing me. I was almost getting worried about it all, then I remembered how God came through for me in the past… he got my tickets to go abroad, why would I even imagine that he wouldn’t provide for me for a trip within Nigeria? Am I high on something or what?
I remind myself of the Israelites. How alike we are. We see God’s mighty hand in our lives, but we’re so little in our thinking and in our faith that we never let ourselves remember how he came through in the past, meaning he can and will surely come through again. You would think after witnessing all the plagues in Egypt, after seeing the red sea part and seeing the wind bring it back together to drown their enemies, after bitter water turning sweet and drinking water from the rock, after seeing God’s mighty hand work for them, they would never doubt, they would never fear. But they never stopped mumbling and complaining with each new challenge... that's why they underestimated God's power in their midst and missed out on entering the promised land when they should have.
How we break his heart when we doubt his powers. When we forget the greater things he’s done and make an idol out of our worry for little needs that have to be met.
Here’s David, he faced Goliath, but he didn’t allow fear to drain his strength… instead, he remembered the lions, he remembered the bears, he remembered how he fought and defeated them with his bare hands, he remembered how God always strengthened him to protect his sheep… thus he knew he could tackle the giant as well.
May God deliver us from that attitude, may he give us a heart of remembrance.
So imma just chill and believe… and by the time I get to the wedding all dolled up, no one would ever imagine I let myself think long and hard about making the weekend a great :P


  1. I like this. You are using the memory of what God has already to done in your past to believe in His capabilities. I should do the same

  2. Amen! May God continue to help us not to doubt His power...I do that alot and I pray daily for the gift to faith and trust..
    Very Encouraging..Thanks for sharing..

  3. Pretty APT.
    Way to go i must say, there is no other or better way.
    HE will always come through.

  4. this is great, your past 'Ebenezers' are still relevant today..he is indeed a faithful God...bless you!

  5. Oh my! This is just amazing!! It's the exact word I heard at fellowship just yesterday and I've not even taken it in completely just yet. The David example was also used expressly.

    I can sense God sending me a reminder here..
    ...to Remember!

  6. I can relate with this totally!!! Sometimes I sweat the small stuff when I ought to be thanking Him for all his amazing miracles!!!

  7. i'm glad we can all call God our Jehovah-Jireh, he is God indeed.
    My needs were met, he gave me more that i could have asked for, and i had a wonderful trip and had fun like i planned to at the wedding.


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