Taken For Granted...

I’ve taken a lot of things for granted. The access I have to certain places and certain people. The fact that I drive up to certain houses and gain immediate access.
The fact, that I can sit joking with certain individuals, while others are doing the Luca Brasi rehearsal in preparation to just say hi.
I drive into my house, and it’s just my house, my home. The one daddy built, big enough for me, but not as big as so and so’s home… could have been bigger, or could have had a pool, but to someone somewhere, it’s a mansion, a dream home where having your own room is paradise. I have a pile of clothes to choose from everyday, and sometimes I moan about not having anything to wear even with the brand-new clothes with tags still on them… I moan in ingratitude over the little luxuries I have been blessed with because I have become so used to having a ready meal whenever I want to eat.
I’ve become too familiar with certain blessings that I don’t see them as blessings any more, I see them as life, as something I’m entitled to, as well… normal. The fact that I have people to help me, and a mother who loves me, and a family that looks out for me and loves me. I take them for granted, these blessings I’ve been showered with.
I take Gods love for granted. I take the familiar for granted, it's just like seeing my friend stand up to preach. I may roll my eyes a little or fail to get anything from the lessons, because… wait a minute, I know you, we just struggled over the last piece of groundnut in the bag… Just like Jesus wasn’t accepted in His home town and couldn’t do any good there because of familiarity. We fail to celebrate people close to us, because we have become so used to them, we take their talent/achievement and love for us for granted, until we go out and see how they are celebrated by strangers.
The song says, “I have made you too small in my eyes, forgive me…”  Its time to magnify the blessings. Stop underrating them because they've become too familiar... you may want a bigger car but rejoice in what you have today, knowing just a fraction of the number of people who see having a car as the biggest achievement ever is all you need to rejoice in what you have.
You may hate your life right now, but do you realize how many people would give anything to be half the person you are? To live half the life you live? Yes you can’t afford business class or first class or your private jet just yet, but be thankful that taking holidays or getting on a plane is a luxury you can afford to take, even if it means nothing to you… Some see that as going to heaven. The little things are such big blessings if only you stop to see.
Count your blessings, name them one by one, and it will surprise you what the Lord has done. It’s time to stop being spoilt children; throwing tantrums in form of mumblings over the things we don’t have. If you stop to think and you are true to yourself, you’ll see a million and more reasons to be thankful for where you are, even if it isn’t anywhere close to where you want to be, even if you feel like it’s the worst season of your life yet, you will find a reason to be thankful. Be thankful, even as you wait in expectation for more, the glorious future and expected end as promised in Jeremiah 29:11.
 My life isn't perfect, but I realize that it is packed full with blessings on every side. I am blessed... in every season, I see the blessings. I see the hand of God in my having breakfast, in the friends that I have, in my sisters and my brother, in my mum and aunties and uncles, in those I can pick up my phone and call when I am in a jam. In those that like me, in my nicely shaped nails and my taking cabs, in my home without a pool and my wardrobe with a handful of designer items... In the desperate part of my heart that seeks to know God more. In some disappointments and the agony of making tough decisions, in my ability to make use of common sense and in my love for books... I am truly blessed in all these and much more. I am thankful to God, I do not take any of these for granted.
You shouldn't either. Make a conscious effort to see the blessings and be thankful.


  1. It is so easy to take our many blessings forgranted. Count your blessings u wld be greatful. Also thank God for the kind of trials/challenges you face.yeah......... It could have being worse. Trust me we would rather we have no shoes than no legs.

  2. So i don't often drop a comment...but i def read.


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