Wedding Bells...

My friend is getting married tomorrow, more like in a few hours.
You know one of those friends who end up being favorite friends and sort of, kind of make the best friend list without even trying? 
Even when you don’t communicate as regularly as you used to? Even when life happens and you find yourself happening with life and hardly ever stopping to say hi, but you always know that you always pick up from where you left off. One of those friends that you love genuinely without even trying.

I’m so proud of him; even though I'm still in awe that he's taking this bold step… I guess it’ll get weirder for me when I see him standing there and exchanging vows with his beautiful bride. :)

I am a proud friend…
It’s going to be a good day.
It’s going to be a beautiful wedding and such a blessed marriage.
Congrats Adama and Amina.


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