Watching the sunset is such a beautiful thing to do… In moments when I don’t just breeze through life, moments when I’m not just living but taking time out to live, I notice the beauty all around me. In those moments, I am left stunned and in awe of the creator.
Do you ever stop to just look around at nature and gasp like it’s the first time you’re seeing it, and then your chest gets tight and you get all teary-eyed as you wonder how God thought out something so beautiful? How He created beauty itself? How great our God is? Like how great is He…?
Our view of nature, the mountains, the sunsets and sunrise and landscapes and animals… the splashes of colors and shapes that gives beauty to the world are just a glimpse of God’s beauty, a teeny-weeny glimpse… because God is beauty Himself. What was He thinking when He thought to make things so beautiful? Probably Himself!!!
I’m glad that as He is, so am I… as beautiful as nature is, it’s nothing compared to the beauty of who we are… yes the nose is a little too big, and the smile crooked, but beauty is beyond your brown eyes and pointed nose… God is beauty, and as He is, so are you. 
We are beautiful in every single way, ways we can’t even begin to comprehend, because He who is beauty, has made us in His image, has made us like Him… isn’t that awesome?
Have you ever seen something so beautiful your breath is taken away? You know how they say you can’t see God’s face and live? My theory is, He’s so beautiful your breath is sucked out and your heart literally stops when you catch a glimpse of Him, there’s no living after seeing all of that awesomeness. :)
We haven’t seen God physically, but one of my best experiences of His beauty is beyond what nature shows me, it's beyond His blessings in my life... It’s in the place of worship. That moment where you’re overwhelmed by His presence, the awesomeness of Him, and despite His being invisible, you’re still bowed over by the fact that He is and you just break down in tears as you tell Him how much you love Him… That's the best experience of His beauty. His beauty is such a beauty to experience.
A line from King Kong says “It was beauty that killed the beast…” The beauty of God’s presence kills every beast raging around you, every beast of doubt and fear and discouragement. Seek His beauty, and slay every beast in your life :)
And like David “One thing have I desired of the Lord, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord…” Psalm 27:4 Seek His presence and behold His beauty... It's the best thing you can ever do for yourself.

PS... I took the pictures myself. Not bad for an amateur if I may say so myself.


  1. Wow ! These photos are really beautiful. Weather are looking very good. If you want to learn about different weather beauty look, you can click here.

  2. Beautiful pictures indeed and a job well done!

  3. The World's greatest artist-Our very own indescribable GOD!!!


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