From Deep Within....

It's Friday evening and I sit here overwhelmed by the goodness of God... The song my heart sings right now is Mali Music's 'yahweh'... all the glory belongs to you Oh Lord....

Indeed my life is a testimony. I am the apple of God's eyes, I am His precious baby and how He loves me... How He loves me, How He loves me.... I stand in awe, I'm thankful, I'm grateful... Kabiyesi!!! I worship you... I love you... Thank you for giving You to me, I am nothing without you.
My life, all that I am, every blessing, every achievement, every favor, every privilege, every love I get isn't by my doing... All the glory belongs to you.

The Lord is good to me and His mercies endures forever. '.... I will praise the LORD at all times. I will constantly speak his praises.' Psalm 34:1


  1. That song just about says it all...and then some...
    I love this God sha...He is forever praised by an eternally grateful hwart!
    Unconditional love+mindblowing faithfulness at its best.

    Thanks for sharing!


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