Dune Bashing...

The smaller dunes, less scary but still a terror to sis.
  My heart went helter skelter the first time I went dune bashing… it wasn’t something I ever wanted to do again. It was horrible. That adrenaline rush was no child’s play. It gave me a headache and it was everything but funny even though my friends’ boyfriend laughed once or twice(out of fear I guess). But it didn’t mean I didn’t have fun at the end of the ride, even though I was shaky when I stepped out of the car.
I had fun at the camp after that horrid ride, I rode a camel, had a good meal, rode a squad bike, belly danced or attempted to shake my waist and took loads of pictures that didn’t give away my moment of terror a few hours earlier.

Fast forward to some months back… we were going to do the desert safari again. I told my sister she may want to skip the dune bashing and go straight to the camp, she was quick to agree, but our driver had other plans. Oh boy, he was mischievous about it and the ‘I’m oh so tough’ sister of mine had her heart getting ready for an attack . I thought I wouldn’t be able to take it again, but I enjoyed it this time as I sat between my brave cousin and my fearful sister. I had heart-skipping moments, but I was confident because I knew what to expect, and I knew we had camp and fun things to do right after. I didn’t have time to panic even if I wanted to because I had to look out for my sister. I had to be a comfort to her. Holding her and being genuinely scared that she was going to pass out as she buried her head between her legs and kept screaming about fainting, blood running into her head and everything senseless. I wasn’t half as scared as she was the first time I experienced this…looking at her made me realize what a brave little girl I am.

I knew it was going to be all right. I knew there was a beautiful camp somewhere ahead where we could ride camels, paint hennas, dress up and just be fabulous with loads of food and cold drinks and pictures.
She refused to be comforted by that fact as the car went down another high dune. I’m sure deep down she was comforted by our confidence, I’m sure the only reason why she didn’t actually pass out or kill herself right there was because we seemed calm and sure that it’d be over soon and she would be over it.
The scaredy cat is masked behind the pose...
We stopped in the middle of the desert, balanced on one of the medium sized dunes, taking in the beauty and taking lovely pictures, and I was amazed at her transformation, she wasn’t the scared girl when it was time to pose… and then she went right back to screaming the rest of the way when we resumed our journey to the camp, and I went right back to putting my arms round her and saying, the camp is just ahead, we’re almost there. She really did have fun in the end…

As Christians, we have many afflictions, but the lord delivers us from it all. The temptation we go through isn’t peculiar to us… that is why there are books and there is the bible and there are messages and teachings available to us. Things you hear that mirror what you experience. God lets others go through trials so they can come out strong and be a comfort to those going through. Many would not survive their going through if they had no reference to someone who had been through and come out whole and well and better and praising. Imagine if we heard of no one called barren who had a child? If we heard of no one ever getting healed of cancer or HIV or a fever, or no one ever bouncing back after a huge set back in business and career. Without the experiences of these ones to hold us as we pray through, our faith will be seriously shaken, and without hope, we wouldn’t live through our trials or if we do, we would come out of it terribly scared.

I am thankful for those who have been through on their way to in the ages past… I still look as far back at the experiences of the Israelites and see hope for myself, I still look as close as Christians around me to help me stand firm in my believe and trust. Thank God thatNo test or temptation that comes your way is beyond the course of what others have had to face. All you need to remember is that God will never let you down; he’ll never let you be pushed past your limit; he’ll always be there to help you come through it.’ 1 Corinthians 10:13 (msg)


  1. Just looking at the pictures gave me palpitations. I no do joo. LOL

    "...and I went right back to putting my arms round her and saying, the camp is just ahead, we’re almost there."

    That's what Christ requires of us in Christian sisterhood; to be that arm wrapped around another's shoulders whispering words of comfort.

    Great Post!

  2. The love post just before this was very nice. (About butterflies in the belly and all)

    Can't find it again. There are people it inspires and gives hope so I pray its not lost forever and will come back.



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