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I know I don’t make sense to some people. I know they dismiss what I write as some religious blabs and go on to the next site and I understand why they do that, because I sometimes wonder how it is for one who doesn’t know God the way I do to believe some of the things that I write. Some things can’t be comprehended. If I wasn’t saved, and if I haven’t seen the obvious hand of God at work in my life in situations that couldn’t have been luck or magic but just God, I may scoff at some of the things I write and some of the hope I hold on to. They’re unbelievable until you’re right in it.

I hear people make fun of falling under the anointing in church… you wouldn’t joke about it when you’ve fallen under the anointing away from the pastor laying hands on you, right in your bedroom as you worship… now that can’t be faking. You would make fun of people seeing visions of heaven and having one on one conversations with Jesus, until one day you find yourself sitting in your room and it lights up and every other thing from then on is a daze because you’re living in a vision and smiling in the face of Jesus. Have you watched nollywood and some of their ridiculous story-lines of witchcraft et co?  I have been one of those to mock Nigerians and their beliefs... Until I knew for a fact that there's such a reality to all that. I could give true stories that would seem like just another script.

I read how people jeered at the lady who gave a testimony on Bella Naija about going to heaven and her journey to finding her husband… people mocked her and made all sorts of jokes about it, people who boldly declared they were Christians before delving in to tear her testimony apart. I believe as much as she was mocked, those who she was led to share that story for caught what they were meant to… People go through loads of stuff with God, and if they tell their stories, the internet would have such materials for jokes for ages, because when your mind is limited and closed, it’s hard for you to believe what you don’t understand, and what you don’t understand you make jokes out of. There’s a deeper level than just going to church on Sundays and tagging yourself Christians, the bible isn’t fiction or something that happened… there’s such a revival going on in people’s lives like it did in the lives of the disciples.

This Kind of hope and faith that I share, this kind of trust I feel led to encourage would be just another set of religious writing if I haven't through situations that needed nothing but faith and trust even when all seemed lost… they’re real and I believe them so much that I write to encourage the next person. I haven’t gone to church and taken the pastor’s sermons to drop here… this is my life! I’m going through a process, I didn’t just wake up one morning and get into my private jet and all I want and decide to spend my spare time telling every other person that their time would come. I’m going through a process where I need this encouragement as much as the next person reading this and sending me a mail or dropping a comment of how much they needed to hear it. I know first hand what it’s like to be joyful in the midst of pain, to have peace when you’re bumped around on the waves of chaos, to hope when a situation is hopeless. And because I know what it is, I’m able to ignore those who mock.

It’s just like a situation where the little girl you grew up with, the one down the road who ate your remnants and wore your old clothes… the one who had one pair of shoe and never had money for ice cream suddenly becomes the girl living the lifestyle of glitz and glam, wearing more expensive designer gears than you can ever dream of having, so you tell her she’s wearing a fake…. There’s a lifestyle of some rich people that seem out of this world… and she has access to it, and tells you stories of the private jets and the yachts and all that…. As much as you see her living it, you snigger at her and say ‘girl, you is a liar’. Because what you see on your TV and Hollywood feels so far off, that its impossible for someone you know to wine and dine in it.

The glory of the Lord upon a person transforms and breaks the boundary of the mind and what it hopes for and imagines. The glory of the Lord upon a person makes him/her believe in the impossible and walk in the extraordinary. The glory of the Lord upon a person gives him/her a calming peace and unexplainable joy in situations that dictates otherwise for another person.

Sometimes, God allows certain situations to happen so that you can speak from your experience and not speak on behalf of your intellect. @A1BARZ

Even when the world scoffs at your testimony and your faith… give it to them anyway. It may seem like a hundred people are mocking you, but there are twenty of them in that crowd that believe in what you’re saying and need to hear your testimony. When you’ve lived it, and survived it…. Share it. Your word may just be the defibrillator the next person needs to wake up and live!


  1. Well said! I can definite relate to what you have written in this post. TY for sharing!

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