Ainya Owochio... Giving Thanks!

Sunday was my church’s end of year thanksgiving… I didn’t dance much, because I can’t dance…  It felt good dressing up for God and just showing Him how thankful I am… for my family, for my friends, for my dreams, for my hope, for my salvation, for faith, for His grace, for favor, for ease… for everything!!! (Yeah so I'm kind of showing off in pictures *shrug*)

It’s the end of the year again… how time flies, what a whirlwind… what a year! Many lost loved ones. I watched my friends go through the pain of losing a brother. Maybe you lost parents and friends. Life flung you and left them hanging from it’s fringes like a door hanging loose on a stormy night.

I’ve watched people question God, I’ve watched them serve Him in their pain even as they question Him in their hearts. Oh, I would say the year was tough for many… And then I bring the foolishness of what my Christian faith teaches, that God is good! That this year was good despite all you went through… that’s the foolishness of the gospel, telling you your path shines brighter even when you feel it’s been dimmed out and half way to quenching from all the pain of lose and how the reality of your dreams has eluded you. Forget the seen and dwell on the unseen, it is well with you (sounds like unrealistic religious talk right?).

Through your pain, through your gain, it’s always been well. I know its foolishness, I know I don’t feel the pain you feel… I know you hurt and you’re mad at God. I know the tears hurt; your heart feels like it’s been wrenched out. I know… but in all my knowing, I know one truth that stands, God is good ALL the time. I don’t know how or why I can say that, or why my bible tells me that and my heart convicts me of His goodness, I really don’t know, I only know that He is truth and if He says He is good, then trust Him to be good.

There’s nothing to be thankful for? You’re alive! You say, I’d rather be dead than go through this pain and failure… Solomon says a live dog is better than a dead lion (Ecc 9:4). There’s a reason He’s given you His shoulder to lean on in your mourning, there’s a reason He refused the heartbreak to kill you… there’s a reason you haven’t ended your life like your mind convinced you to… there’s a reason, I don’t know what it is, but there is. Be thankful, if for nothing, then for the fact that He is God in all situations.
Be thankful for the sacrifice of Jesus that qualifies you to be seen as Gods beloved. Ainya Owochio... means Thank you God in Idoma. Just take a minute to say thank you.

My year has been wonderful so far, and I know more is to come. Grace abounds… I learned more about the goodness of God, I learned more about His grace, I learned more about the truth of the gospel… I grew!!! Oh I grew… I saw the love of God, I walked in favor and entered into a phase of grace and ease. It was a perfect year… it’s been a perfect year so far…. Does it mean I didn’t encounter challenges? Does it mean I didn't cry? Of course I did(Matter of fact, I was so hurt I cried hard a few days ago) 
All my dreams haven’t come through and I haven’t achieved some things I hoped to, but that’s not what determines it… my heart is full… I don’t feel any hesitation in saying it’s been a perfect year, better than last and nothing near what the next will be. How am I sure? The path of the righteous shines brighter and brighter to the perfect day (Prov 4:18)… It can only get better, it’s only getting better, even when it looks worse. There's always a reason to be thankful. Ainya Owochio!

Keep trusting, keep hoping… don’t be weary in doing so, just at the right time, you’ll reap your harvest. There’s still days left to the year to achieve, there’s still time for a ‘suddenly’ kind of touch from God, and even if there isn’t, there’s still next year…. Don’t limit God to a year, who says If He didn’t do it this year He can’t or wouldn’t do it in the next year? Keep trusting!


  1. Amen! Thanl God indeed! You're right, sometimes it seems like 'foolishness' cause the fact negates one's confession but like you said, the fact is that God IS Good ALL the time so we praise Him for that!
    You look beautiful in your pictures! Infact for that alone, I say "God is wonderful" :-) xx

  2. I'm so glad I read this today. Thank you very much :)


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