We stayed up most of the night, praying, praising and getting a word of confirmation. In my peace, I knew it'd be alright. In my peace, I knew it!

We say the battle is the Lord's. Thus I knew he was alright. I know the power in God's name and how He can never be defeated. I knew all that even as much as I know even more deep inside.

I slept in peace and woke up early to hear he died despite all we knew and believed. He still died when in different locations and different countries, different voices with one cry of the heart called on the name of the Lord and blessed Him for victory.

I tried not to grief or question... I wasn't even in a place of doubt where you question God... Why? I tried to explain to my niece that the fact that their uncle died doesn't mean God didn't hear them, when in all her innocence she told me "but we prayed". Even adults in all their worldliness sigh to themselves..."But we prayed".

I don't see his death as a defeat, because that's insulting God. When has He ever lost a battle? It is hurt for us; his family and his little girls... But in the midst of the pain, I see victory. The righteous are never forsaken. I may not understand how much pain they're going through since 'I'm just as inlaw'. But I know.

It may sound as foolishness, denial or making excuses for God because we've been "brainwashed by religion". But it isn't. I wrote this piece on the plane, my plan for the day wasn't buying a ticket, packing and rushing off to the airport... It wasn't to comfort anyone mourning or feel sad. But God has won, it doesn't look like it, but He has fought the battle and handed victory on a platter of gold...

There's a greater glory to this, a greater victory and for this I am thankful for answered prayers in Gods best way possible, even as much as it hurts.

"We're on the winning side. Our team will never be defeated" Kathryn Kulman
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  1. Hmmm.. *hugs*.. May God comfort you and your family. We have the victory always in Jesus. xxxx


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