Finding The Lost...

--> Two years ago, my sister went missing for a couple of hours… missing to us, but obliviously going about her business with a dead battery.
It was a horrible feeling. I thought of all the broadcasts that had come my way of missing persons. I panicked, then I prayed, then I panicked some more, then I prayed, and fought off the peace that the Spirit was giving me.

I spoke with her in the afternoon, but when I called her a couple of times in the evening her phone was switched off. Her second line rang and there was no response. I sent her a bbm, it hit me that I should worry when I realized my message wasn't delivered. Why should her phone be switched off in the evening? I called another sister, and we called the security in the house in Lagos and he said she hadn’t been home since earlier in the afternoon. It was getting to 11pm. I sent bb messages to a friend in church and another friend. No one had heard from her. I panicked some more… then I kicked myself for panicking and I prayed some more, and I fought the peace God was giving me…
I decided to pray again instead of worry when it was 12am with no word from her, and as I prayed she called. She was fine. I almost kicked her through the phone when she asked why we were looking for her? Her battery went dead and her second phone was left at home. Where was she? She decided to see a late movie before heading home.

I went back to prayers thanking God.
I was reminded of times, that I just shook my head in sympathy and moved on at broadcasts of missing persons. Now I know what it feels like not knowing where a loved one is.
I was sorry for being concerned in a no concerned way.
I was sorry for not rebroadcasting those bb messages.
I was sorry for not having enough compassion for those who grief and wait, not knowing what has happened.

I come from a family where keeping in touch is key. If I haven't spoken with you in a day, at least there's someone else who must have and knows how you're doing. That's how the unspoken rule works and we are bound to worry if there's a break in transmission, no matter how short with anyone.
It may seem like just something irrelevant that happened to me that day, but it was an eye opener. A reason to sit still and break into a praise song and words of gratitude to God for sustaining my family and blessing our going out and coming in.

God bless and comfort all those who are waiting for a loved one to come home… not knowing where they are beyond the first night and then the second and the next. Hoping but not really hoping, knowing but not really knowing. God bless mothers who have sat home and heard their children have been kidnapped; women who sat and heard their husbands had been taken away somewhere. 

My heart breaks for those Chibok girls who were kidnapped. While the world has gone on a #bringbackourgirls frenzy, while many are using it as a photo op, while we put up our pictures and insult our government, while we do all things we can as humans which is basically sitting and punching words on our keyboards, have we taken time out to pray? 

Do you pray for them as often as you can? Because that's the least you can do... and your least in prayers means so much more than you can imagine, it means more than your hashtags and pictures of solidarity. It means so much more. Use the hashtag, take beautiful pictures of yourself and post online, but please, while you do all that pray, pray, pray.

God bless those girls, God cover them and bring them back home to their families. God comfort those who have to go through the ordeal of waiting and hoping against all hope.


  1. I know how you must have felt. I once couldn't reach my Mom after a flight for hours and hours. I couldn't sleep or sit still. I must have called a hundred times. It was awful.

    1. I can't imagine how awful it is for relatives of the missing girls.

  2. Oh dear, you sure have made me empathize more with this situation. I remember having this feeling once when my husband (then my bf) dropped me atmy place and I couldnt reach him again several hours, too unlike him. I was worried! God, i was. Apparently he got robbed. But yeah, that was just for a few hours. Cant even begin to imagine what those parents are going through. God bless you and you ministry sis.

  3. if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. Prayer is truly the key. God protect those girls and bring them back to their families safely. God console and comfort their families. God cause disunity in the BH and cause them to fight each other.God bless Nigeria


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