When The Music Plays...

I attended my niece’s school concert yesterday. She takes violin lessons in school, and she’s been talking about this concert for weeks. She often practiced at home, and whenever I bumped into her rehearsing, I would sort of make fun of her, in a nice I love you and I’m just kidding kind of way. It sounded… well, musical, but not beautiful to my ears. Sometimes I chuckled to myself in the room when I heard her rehearse.(She told me everyone laughs when she rehearses, she's not offended)

I watched her walk on stage and I heard her play her solo piece with a piano as her accompaniment and my goodness! My heart swelled with pride, that’s my baby I thought as I videoed her. She got to climb the stage again for a group string performance and it sounded beautiful as well, a far cry from the sounds I heard at home. . There’s something about rehearsals, it makes you sound awful, and then you get on stage and every body’s various instruments are united and you’re perfect.

While the kids were performing, I got this in my heart. I know I’ve said this before, in different ways, in different posts. But today this is for me as well as for whoever needs this and it was such a comfort for all the things that don't make sense to me right now. Isolated events, the awful sound of instruments when brought together in an orchestra makes for glorious music. I can imagine the pain of parents who have to hear their child practice the trombone, trumpets, the clarinet or cymbals… the horror of it(no offense to the talented people who handle this objects of beauty :))Some instruments like the piano and a couple of others are just fine when played on their own.(My opinion)

Everything happening with you… the horrible, the joy, and the pain, it’s all working together for your good! I don’t know how, but you’ll climb the stage with each isolated event as the world watches, and they’ll gasp at what beautiful music comes from your life events, from the heart breaks, to the bank breaks, from the losses to the gains, the joy and the tears. God’s not finished with you. He's going to use all the pieces together for you, for His glory… if you let Him. Fret not, breath easy!
And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.’ Romans 8:28

 *Please take a moment to pray for the abducted Chibok girls today.


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