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I’ve been feeling a little lazy to upload posts. Well I’ve been kind of busy, that should be a good enough excuse right?
I hardly ever sleep before 12am, it’s unheard of, but the last week saw me fagged out at 10pm, and staring blankly at my screen like I was in a drug haze.
And I ate a lot! Maybe the food made me lazy? It probably did.

When it comes to writing, I tell myself “don’t force it”. My mind is a junkyard of things to write about, I have a dozen word documents opened with drafts that need a little polishing… but I have refused to swallow laxatives for my mind to spill forth words… I’d rather just let it flow. Does it mean I’ve got writers block and I’m not just being lazy? I like to think I've got writers block, its cool to say "Oh, i've got a little writer's block" it makes me sound cool, like i'm a real writer... a creative genuise that needs to watch the ocean to unblock my mind.
(Pardon me, I'm saying whatever comes into my head)

Oh, and I got to summit my manuscript yesterday… isn’t that awesome? The book is becoming so real. I’m in labor now y’all. Its kind exhilarating… Pushing out a baby isn’t so much fun, but I’m glad I’ve got hands holding me up in prayers. A good thing no one stops the birthing process half way because they’re scared… once the pushing starts, you’ve just got to see it through till the baby comes out and snuggles in your arms. Breaking forth and crashing through the gates yo…

I’m off this week. I never travel without my laptop… but I’ve made a hard decision to leave it at home this time, and it hurts, it feels like a part of me has been yanked off… dramatic I know, but that’s how attached I am to my MacBook… at least I get to take my notebook with me. I’ll be at ‘Faith Adventure’… I’m so excited about it; it’s a weeklong program in Gboko, a town in Benue State. It’s going to be a week long of soul food and Bing eating on the word, yayyy!

Have a great week!


  1. cant wait to read your book, i am totally with you on taking your time as far as blog posts are concerned


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