Did You Hear The Trumpet?

A candlelight may be sufficient to read a novel, but not to navigate a car at night. 
A car's headlight may take you through many dark roads, but it can't light a stadium at night. 
Even the floodlights of the stadium may turn night to day during a match, but it's insignificant for a city.

There is a calling, there's a separation, there's a trumpet and those that know will know, those that understand will understand; those few with just a flicker of light in their hearts will be ignited; they will be empowered, they will congregate as an army and their light together will save the country.

You've wondered what that sound was, you've wondered what that light was for, you've wondered why the burden was placed - now you know! You must answer and only you know how.

Zeal Akaraiwe

There are some things you read that jumps at you, you know what it’s talking about, and same time, you ponder about it’s meaning in your heart, because as much as you know, you still don’t know, even when you’re certain it’s directed at you. 

I shared this message Zeal sent to me here, because I know there are people reading this right now who have wondered what that light within them was for, and there are people blowing up with this message… It’s a take over generation. It’s the referee’s call to get ready, the orange light preceding the green light that screams GO… and go we will, wherever He directs, because we have been equipped in various ways, all we have to do is answer!

"“You didn’t choose me, remember; I chose you, and put you in the world to bear fruit, fruit that won’t spoil..." John 15:16(Msg)


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