First Class Baby, First Class...

A facebook friend had this as her status update If you fly first class, business class, or premium economy, it doesn’t change who you are, once the flight has landed it is finished.... the airplane is only a pressurized tube! “

I agree with the above statement, that the class you’re sat in doesn’t change who you are. But while I’ve shamelessly been one of those who smugly said I really don’t care what class, economy, premium, business or first, as long as I get to my destination, what’s the big deal? Isn’t it the same plane? I have arrived at a place where my opinion has changed. There is a big deal… it doesn’t change who you are, but the experiences are different.

I didn’t care about class… Who says you can’t have fun in economy? The food is good (most times), you still get your drinks and the airhostesses smile at you, well, sometimes they do… Even if you don’t get priority boarding or a special lounge for you, you still arrive at the same destination with the rest of the passengers in the plane, but you’re not that comfortable, admit it! Your legs are cramped, and it’s rather annoying when the person in front of you decides to recline his/her seat. Sometimes sitting at the back of the plane opens up this cynical part of you that despises the other person for choosing to use his money to fly in a better class, and even more so when he has his whole family flying with him… why waste money on kids flying in first/business? What’s the point? What are you trying to prove? Foolish man.

My opinion changed when I got into premium economy! I never wanted economy, ever again. My leg had much room to rest, I was given hot towels before takeoff and I was served with real cutleries. Sitting there didn’t get me so greedy, I still didn’t care about business class, as long as I was more comfortable in premium, I didn’t covert business, I only wistfully looked on at premium whenever I had to sit in economy and I wasn’t lucky enough to get the exit seats.

Then one day, I got upgraded into business class, and life was a dream… What??? The beauty of it.
Forget the same destination cock and bull story, tell yourself whatever you want to hear, it may be the same pressurized tube, but there’s a difference and I want to be a partaker in that difference. You actually feel good, you feel like royalty, without even trying… macadamia nuts, flat beds, leg space, five star dining, china plates, menus with salmons (not like I care about salmons), champagne and the airhostess calling you by name.

What am I trying to say?
This Christianity thing has one destination… but I refuse to settle, especially not in the religion of cramped feet for righteousness sake. Life is like being on a flight from birth to death. I refuse to be a Christian that makes the unbeliever feel sorry for me on this journey. I refuse to be the Christian sitting in economy of Sunday to Sunday church attendance with no enjoyment of the deep, precious things and joy in knowing God. I refuse to look tattered in the name of being a Jesus baby! Yes it’s the same pressurized tube, one destination… heaven! But I would enjoy this ride. I choose to enjoy this ride, to experience the deeper things of this ride.
I would look glamorous, my joy would be full, and I would wear lipsticks and perfumes and fix my hair if I want to, and if I don’t want to, I’ll cover my hair with the best of scarves and wear the best of floor length skirts available.

I would reign in victory, living a rich and satisfying life… Christ didn’t die for me to sit in economy declaring heaven in the after life while I hate on those enjoying this life in first class of heaven on earth with self-righteous declarations of “what’s the point when we’ll land in the same airport”.

I would enjoy heaven on earth, I would heal the sick, I wouldn’t just pray in my closet, I wouldn’t just listen to sermons in church, I would speak out, well, where my mouth is tied, I would write out. I sit on the luxury side of this Christian ride on this journey to my eternal home. I would have the angels attend to me…. I choose to be filled with the Holy Spirit and overshadowed by Him to birth signs and wonders in Jesus name. I choose to receive the gift of salvation and not get lost with an undeserving spirit surrounding me.

No sitting in economy of daily church attendance and nothing to show for the faith I profess beyond bashing anyone who isn’t in the faith or those in it who have gotten the revelation of the rich and satisfying life Christ offers. I have realized leaving the back sit of economy isn’t about your works, how much you attend church programs. It’s relying on grace, Gods grace. I’ve never struggled or hustled to sit in business class, even though I have longed for it… it just happened. Grace.

Living a life of works, under the law is like travelling in economy… you pay for everything and yet, you still don’t get the best of service from all your self-effort.
Grace is all about the business/first class… it’s free food in the lounge baby. A table prepared for you in the presence of your enemy, you don’t have to squeeze coins at the airport for a bottle of water, and when you’re on the flight, you can confidently ask for seconds or thirds or whatever… boldly, because you know what ticket you’re riding. The only price you pay is a deep longing for more…

It may be the same tube as those sitting behind you, but you have the boldness to ask, ask ask and get get get. Enter into His rest. Kathryn kulman was on the same flight, but she sure didn’t settle for coach, she moved with such a presence of the Holy Spirit and enjoyed the joy of heaven on earth before landing in the real heaven.

The father whose son returned killed the fattest cow while the older brother looked on fuming from economy seat, judging… what’s the point? Why kill the cow? Why have a party for him? Look at me, I’ve been here, why’s he having all the fun? The father’s response was simple… it’s always been yours child. He settled, he did not receive what was freely available to him; He did not activate his right to his father’s kingdom. Refuse to settle, grab for the goodness of the kingdom and rejoice in it, rather than sit fuming at those who have received the love of the Father and bask in it. (Luke 15:11-22)

Ever meet people that are so holy that they cant enjoy life and they wouldn’t let you enjoy it either? That’s not holiness, that’s self-importance and legalism. Judah Smith, Jesus is___ .


  1. This deserves multiple shares...
    You are gifted.
    The way you pass your message across ministers to me everytime.
    God bless you for this.
    Y settle when you can have it all in christ.

  2. I love this post and I totally agree


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