Enough of the selfies in the New Year.

Selfies would get you good pictures. They may even be great pictures, but you’re limited, especially when you’re wearing a really great outfit. You wouldn’t be able to take shots yourself from great angles of your outfit at a go.
Stop going around proudly declaring how self-reliant you are. There is more, and you can’t get that much more if you don’t hand the camera over to someone else. Someone, who will take continuous shots, full pictures of your outfit, and portraits from different angles. I use a tripod for selfies sometimes, but it isn’t as easy breezy as I want it to be.
You have your talents, great, but sometimes with your self-efforts, you don’t explore half of what you’ve got. It may look great, but it could be greater.

Let God be your help this year. That’s what He wants to do… He desires to help you. 
I have toddlers hanging off me on every side, and it gets frustrating when I want to help them open a pack of sweet or a new toy or something and they fight me off… they don’t want me to help and I storm off sulking and waiting for them to fail because I know they would, their self efforts are quite useless (most of the time, in certain situations) and when they come back to me after all their selfies/self efforts, I smugly look at them and tell them “I told you!!! I offered to help earlier and you rejected my help, why are you coming back to me?” It takes a lot of begging and maybe the dropping of a few tears to move me to help. Thank God, He isn’t like humans. He would leave you alone to take your selfies if you insist, but He’s ever willing to help if you hand it over to Him, He wouldn’t give the cold soldier like we do as humans.

Our help is in the name of the Lord, Who made heaven and earth. Psalm 124:8

I read something in Khaleid Hosseini’s book ‘And the mountains echoed’ that struck a cord in me. It said, “… if an avalanche buries you and you're lying there underneath all that snow, you can't tell which way is up or down. You want to dig yourself out but pick the wrong way, and you dig yourself to your own demise.”  

It made me think how we as humans react. Sometimes we’re stuck in situations, but because we’re so self-reliant, we refuse to call for help from the one source of all help… thus in our trying to rescue ourselves, we keep digging deeper and deeper in the wrong direction. Sometimes, the only way out of a dilemma is taking the hand of help stretched out to you.

Its time to stand still and see the salvation of God… stand still and let Him take your perfect pictures for you. Standing still is such a powerful statement, it means resting, not being lazy as some of us would love it to mean, but relaxing enough to know that your efforts wouldn’t do the half of it, so you call for His help, and listen for His directions.
You need help! You can’t do it on your own. Don’t be proud. You are worth nothing as a self-made man… it sounds good to call yourself that, but your self foundation would crumble one way or the other. I do not have self-confidence… I have God confidence. I am a God-made woman. God-helped woman, and because I am, my dreams would outlive me and economic condition... I will have peace even when storms come against my dreams.
How does God help? Sometimes, by sending men to our rescue. We can’t remain isolated, your breakthrough may be in the hello you say to the neighbor you’ve walked past for years, he may have just what you’ve been looking for, or you may have just what he’s been looking for. God also sends help by giving us the Holy Spirit. And I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may abide with you forever— “ Hebrew 14:16

Following the leading of the Holy Spirit is leaning on the help of God to achieve great feats.
I choose to be Spirit led not just this year, but for all of my days. I choose to start being conscious of those I come in contact with, online or physically, you never know what man God is going to use to move you ahead. I have received help/and heard of people who received help from unexpected sources in the past. A major oil deal was missed, because two men who sat next to each other for years in church never went past the ‘hello’ formalities. One had the services the other was looking for and they only got talking a day after the deal had been signed with someone else.  Now that’s mad crazy.

I choose to rest in the help of God… I’m done with the selfies. (Well, not the physical selfies, I’m so not done with that, not just yet)
But God is my helper... Psalms 54:4


  1. But you have really pretty selfies up there... :)
    We can honestly not do anything on our own. that's just short changing yourself.


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