Be Found... Colour 2015!

"‘The Whisper’ is personal. It whispers “be found” - be found in His love, be found in His wisdom and goodness, be found in His peace and purpose. Be found so that others may find hope through you."

The last couple of days have been spent soaking up in God’s presence at the Hillsong Color conference London. Words cannot begin to describe the beauty of it. Thousands of women from different countries trooped to Wembley. Everyone with a different story, a different pain, a different beauty and hope, and as different as we all were, we all had one desperate hunger… Jesus! And how well He was served to us. I received His word on a platter of gold, from women I have looked up to for so long.

When you make that statement "My life is changed forever" and you mean it with all your heart! Seating under the teachings of these great women of God Bobbie Houston, Joyce Meyer, Beth Moore, Dawnchere Wilkerson and listening to Pastor Brian Houston bare his heart out to us has been one of the most defining moments for me, and I haven't even gotten to the worship experience yet!  Brooke Fraser took us there!!!
Sometimes during worship, I would open my eyes and be overwhelmed by the hands lifted up in worship, lost in the Father's love and surrendered to His will and goodness.

My greatest desire is to know more of God; I thirst and hunger for more of Him, and each new experience shows Him in a greater dimension... What more can I ask for, when I find the answer to every question, every challenge, every joy and pain in His love. In getting lost in His love, I found myself and it gets more beautiful each day.

I'm sharing a few of the pictures from the Colour blog and from my camera...

A little flourish wall selfie.. We are colors of the worlds! Day 1

I got to do colour with my friend Joy! Day 2

Day 3

Brooke Fraser and Bobbie Houston... Lifting the name of Jesus

"The story of us is only going to be found as we live under declarations that are glorious and dangerous" Bobbie Houston
Different nations, different stories, woven together in one atmosphere of worship, where Christ is the center. Hands lifted up in total awe and surrender.

"Never loose gratitude for the littlest things... Live gratefully, live prayerfully, live with integrity" Brian Houston
-->  "Everybody gets something and everybody doesn't get something" Joyce Meyer
Dawnchere brought a dynamite to light up the house with the word... Slow Burn! The fire that precedes the dynamite is slow, steady and almost invincible, but it's effect cannot be ignored... DYNAMITE!

--> "Communicate three things; Christ Story, my story, Our story" Beth Moore


  1. I can imagine what priceless experience that was... Nothing compares to being in God's mighty presence. I'm not ashamed to say I'm totally jealous!


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