Mangoes, Rainbows and Circumcisions...

I wrote a post on mangoes some years ago and as I lay in bed one morning recently, I heard the thudding sound of mangoes dropping outside my bedroom window and I knew I had to do another post as it resounded deep in my heart. Every morning, the mangoes drop and we have buckets filled to the brim with juicy tasty ripe mangoes. It’s in season; it’s season to bear fruits and how effortless it is to enjoy the fruits of this tree. After the mango tree has produced its fruit in season, it goes through a process that prepares it for the next season of fruitfulness.

God works in us in times and seasons as well. In the fruitful season, where everything is a walk in the park, He is God and grace is at work as much as grace is at work in the season where we feel empty, like nothing is going right.
After you have served your purpose effortlessly, you enter a season where you have to get nourished again. Where you are processed and prepared for another season of effortless fruitfulness, to be an endless blessing to those around you.
Your soul is being rejuvenated and tilled as it goes through a season to prepare it for another season of fruitfulness.(Romans 5:3-5)

Joyce Meyer taught on rainbows and the circumcisions. And from that teaching, I have aptly named these seasons rainbow season and circumcision season. The rainbow seasons are where everything is great, and the circumcision is where you go through the process to prepare you for that greatness. The trials that bring you out stronger and deeply rooted in your faith, with lessons for others who need it. When the rain stops, the mango tree is still connected to its source, still deeply rooted and planted, and a process is taking place within it. We don’t see what happens, but suddenly we begin to see a bud of a green new fruit, that eventually turns out to be the sweet succulent fruit we enjoy.
As long as you’re deeply rooted and connected to your source, Jesus, you’re all right, even when things don’t seem to be working out well. Christ is enough…. His grace abounds in moments where we see the physical results and in moments when we don’t see it. Grace works in all seasons. I saw this on T.D Jakes instagram page and it aptly captures what I’m trying to say here…

The presence of PAIN does not mean the absence of GRACE. God gives us Grace to get through what we’re going through. But Grace doesn’t stop you from bleeding, it stops you from dying. Gods grace is sufficient. (2 cor 12:9) T.D Jakes

Even when you go through the fire, God calls you blessed, He doesn’t see you as disadvantaged! It’s beautiful how in the beatitudes, everyone who goes through the afflictions and seemingly disadvantaged positions mentioned is referred to as blessed, and what great rewards are attached to them… they all have a promise of such great light at the end of the tunnel. Blessed are the poor in spirit, blessed are the that mourn, blessed are the meek, blessed are they which hunger and thirst after righteousness, blessed are the merciful, blessed are the pure in heart, blessed are the peacemakers, blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness sake…(Matthew 5:3-12)
Even when you go through trials, God calls you blessed, and what fruitfulness awaits you in the end of that season.

I feel dry and empty… I barely have the will to write or do anything. I just had my high moment, I published a book, and sweet, juicy, succulent mangos dropped with little or no effort, a physical evidence of a grace downpour, a rainbow season. And now I feel dry and empty, a little unfruitful, but in this moment, my soul is being rejuvenated, my spirit is getting refreshed, endurance is built. I attended a great conference; I am being processed in the word of God and wonderful messages I’ve come across, I am getting ready from the nourishing of my soul for another season of beauty and rainbows. So even in this circumcision season, I see grace at work in abundance. This is where we find the peace God promises, peace not like the world gives… peace even when you feel like there should be more.

Like the mango tree, stay put and connected to your source, He’ll never let you down, His grace abounds and you’ll be just fine because you are in Him and He’s got you, no matter how the circumcision hurts, God’s got you child, and His love is carrying you through to the rainbow season, where all you’ve been refined with would be a blessing to not just you but the world. You are blessed even in this… for all seasons.


  1. Surfing random stuff to read on the internet and I found your blog... How do you write so well? I like how you used mangoes especially in this mango season, to illustrate our source and the different seasons in our lives. Brilliant!


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