I haven’t been regular here. I have dozens of reasons and excuses about how busy I’ve been, but that doesn’t cut it.
I just got back from Cyprus. I’ve done things beyond what I envisioned this year… and the chance to organize Incense in Cyprus has been so amazing. How beautiful is our God?
Alighthouse international is such a wonderful ministry, and Pastor Obi Anyi is such a blessing, I only got to meet him and in this three days I have been blessed by him.

We were born to worship! Oh, to know and experience the beauty that is found in the place of worship where we are lost in reckless abandon. Where a higher love collides with our fragile human heart and wrecks our soul with its beauty, blinding our eyes to self, and opening our minds to new possibilities and dimensions of truth… barriers are broken in these moments and we are released to worship in Spirit and truth.

In your messed up stance, knees bowed, tears streaking down and mascara ruined… everything stays on fleek!
We get our fleek on basking in Gods love and enjoying His presence in worship.
Maria Itodo... Got to organize INCENSE with this great woman of God.

Pastor Obi Anyi

Adakole William
N.U.T.T.Y Josh
Pastor Atom Ahura


  1. glad to have you back! yeah, true worship is nothing short of awemazing (awesome + amazing)!

  2. I actually thought it was in Nigeria. I'm sure there was a great spiritual encounter. Well done.

    Did I go overboard with my comment?


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