Little Drummer Boy...

I am a poor boy too

Pa rum pum pum pum

I have no gift to bring

Pa rum pum pum pum

That's fit to give our King

Pa rum pum pum pum,

rum pum pum pum,

rum pum pum pum

Shall I play for you

Pa rum pum pum pum

On my drum

                       Little Drummer Boy

Of course we know this is more fiction than biblical, but it’ll serve its purpose as it's packed with so much goodness.
The little drummer boy is a charming little boy. The magis/wise men called him to come along with them to see the newborn king… but he was a poor boy in the midst of those taking the finest gifts to present to the baby King… what could a poor boy possibly bring that would be worthy in the midst of the finest gifts of frankincense, gold and myrrh?
He looked at himself, surely he couldn’t afford any finely gift, he couldn’t even afford his most prized treasure, his drum… he made it himself, from scarps and hand downs he gathered.
While he pondered on this, a light bulb of wisdom hit this young lad, he didn’t turn back, he didn’t look at what was tagged his short coming to stop him from coming before the king… he had no gift in the worlds eye, and even in his own eyes that looked worthy… but what he could do, what he had, he offered to give to the king… the rhythm of his drum. He’d rather give that than give nothing…
And that was all he needed. What he had in his hands… and it was such a worthy gift.

I played my drum for Him
Pa rum pum pum pum
I played my best for Him
Pa rum pum pum pum,
rum pum pum pum,
rum pum pum pum
Then He smiled at me
Pa rum pum pum pum
Me and my drum

He didn’t just play the drum, he played his best… Some of us turn away from going to the King/serving the King because we feel we have no gift to give… but sweetie, you really do have a gift to bring like the little drummer boy. Its all about what’s in your hand… any other thing is a bonus.
What are you worshiping the king with? It could be your leadership skills, your organizational skills, your cooking skills, your writing, your speaking, your singing skills… you have something in your hand that’s fit to give the king, if only you would yield and stop thinking hard about it.
You love to play the flute, then play on in service and worship to him…
There’s something about your gift making room for you… it’ll never make that room, if you never decide to yield and use what is in your hand.
How would we sing a carol about you years later if you never yield? :) joke!
But seriously… there’s so much in you waiting for you to manifest, waiting to be manifested through you to bring glory to the King of kings… and the beauty of it is, when you glorify the King with what you have, the world hears about you… look how we sing about that drummer boy… fictional though he is, but down in history he’s gone.

Play your drum… well proverbially speaking… I mean, play your gift, I mean stir your gift, dust it out and enjoy serving it to the king in worship and watch how far He takes it. You’ve got to start the car if you want it to move… maybe all your prayers have been answered and Gods been waiting for you for ages to just start it so he can move it, remember faith without works is dead,
Do you in service, and watch Him do Him in the miraculous. Good God.
What’s in your hand is important to the world, the world around you and most especially to your God… it’s a worthy gift to give the King, by serving humanity.

This brings the parable of the talent (Matthew 25:14-30) to mind, the ones who had five and two talents respectively could pass as those who called the drummer boy to come along as they held their finest gifts, and the one with one talent could pass for the drummer boy… only, he didn’t bury the talent, he went along and played that one talent the best he could and caused the king to smile at him.

So what if others have more talents/gifting than you… play your one, the best you can and watch it thrive.



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