On Christmas and Carols...

It’s Christmas again…
I really don’t care about the arguments of Christ not been born in December… what’s important is we as Christians have picked a time to celebrate His birth and the world adheres to it… because everyone gets in the Spirit of this beautiful season, and good cheer is truly shared even by those who don’t believe in Christ.
I attended the Hillsong Carols and I’m thankful for all the things it represents. I love it that they haven't taken the Christ out of the carols in the midst of all the production, and it hasn't stopped more 'unchurched' people from flooding to Wembley every year. So much excellence without loosing the essence. They keep raising the bar and showing that church doesn’t mean sloppy in all things but prayers. I attend Hillsong when I’m in London and all I can say is I’m so proud of the standard the set when it comes to doing church, not just in music and worship and service, but in planting Christ and His love in the hearts of all who come in…

We followed the wise men as they followed the starts in a humorous path to the manger where the baby Jesus laid, and on that path was beautiful carols retention’s. One of my favorites amongst the many favorites was drummer boy… I loved how Juliet sprinkled some spicy Yoruba spin on all that sweet sauce….
So, the essence of this post is to introduce the new series I’ll be doing in the five days leading to Christmas. I’m going to be picking different carols and doing a post of hope I draw out from each of the beautifully written hymns. I pray it’ll be a blessing and an encouragement to everyone who reads.

Photocredit: Hillsong London Facebook.


  1. To think that i might have worked right past you at wembley and didn't even realize it. Was at the 7.30 concert, and yes, when the crowd went crazy at the yoruba bits on drummer boy! Story line was funny...was waiting for them to touch down in Lagos though ;)
    Merry Christmas Joy!

    1. O! would have been so cool meeting you. was at the first show, but hung around for lunch till just when the second was rounding up...
      Lol, i expected a Nigerian scene as well. Last year, it was a south African twist. Spending Christmas here?
      Merry Christmas...


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