The Love Collision: Our God is Indescribable

I love this song by Owie Abutu… Our God is indescribable… He truly is.
 It’s a song of worship from the pages of a heart that has received the warmth of the Fathers love and stretches towards it like a flower towards the son.

“…so from the pages of my heart let my worship begin but never end to the God of all flesh.”

True worship spills out from our hearts when we receive the love of God… receiving from your Father is the greatest worship ever.
Like a child suckling at the breast of her mother… it gives the mother relieve to release the life giving meal to her child and it hurts her when a child refuses to suckle.
Gods love is bursting at the seams, waiting for us to just suck and drink of it, we’re not sucking enough and there’s such an abundant supply… the more we drink, the more the supply comes, it never ends.
Receive the love of the Father…

This song has been on repeat… a perfect love song from the one who has seen the deepest love and has it imprinted in his heart, that it spills out in worship.
You can download here.


  1. please i need the lyrics of the song

    1. Hi, here it is..

      Our God is indescribable, His name is hallowed in the firmaments, He's the Passover lamb through space and time,

      Chorus: For He's my God and His name is Yahweh, His name is Yaweh, Yahweh.

      Your Majesty revealed to all, your love is so so overwhelming, to your government there is no end 2x.

      Chorus: For He's my God and His name is Yahweh, His name is Yaweh, Yahweh.


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