Sharks of The Ocean... or Dolphins Maybe?

It's a pity so many women reduce their worth by getting their validity from how hard the next lady falls.
We were made to be soft, delicate but firm and assertive... Our minds are analytical for a purpose (not just for investigating cheating boyfriends/husbands) We are nurturers; equipped to support and help build up, and not tear down people. We're not created to be bitter vessels of offence formed from the hurt, dents and scars our delicacy sometimes opens us up to. 

From that subtle 'aha' we feel, to the open laughter and excitement when a fellow woman who doesn't even know you falls, is the sleeping monster of your insecurities awakening... Excited to rise up and separate you from who you were created to be… by making you compare yourself with others!
Is it easy? Not always… Am I this way? I am supportive, but I get jealous sometimes… how do I deal with the jealousy creeping in? By complimenting! See a lady looking good and feel the monster of judgment roaring within you? Then kill it by complimenting her on something. Women need more love from women… the competition is unhealthy!

I have people I call friends who never acknowledge what I do… I know I could keep quiet and pretend I don’t see what they do, but I’m not wired like that… I call and I show enthusiasm over what they do. I encourage, ask after their health and their family. It takes you being the bigger person to get them to rise up to be the bigger person as well. Royalty are not threatened by other royalty. Know who you are, and you would own your own space without feeling the next woman is a threat to you in her own space.

Learn from the dolphin... Dolphins are known to rally around injured and sick dolphins and even humans, protecting them from shark attacks, and pushing them up to the surface to help them breath if there is a need... While sharks destroy even their own at the slightest whiff of blood... Support and encourage your friends business, rally round and push them up to breath when they are bruised. Support is as simple as asking how she is/saying a word of prayer/acknowledging what she does/promoting her work and when you can, patronizing her.
Don't be quick to do a dance and spread the word when her relationship/marriage is wobbly.
Don't try to pull her down at the first sign of a cut that is bleeding... One little cut and your gossip like sharks help in destroying her self esteem. 

Be the one who loves/gives support like a dolphin and not tearing down like a shark.
(Of course Dolphins have their dark sides... But we're just emulating it in this aspect)


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