2018... Focus!

Happy New Year every one. 
I'm somehow not so wowed at the fact that it's 2018, like I usually am every new year, I already feel used to writing the new date, it's quite weird. Maybe I moved into this year a long time ago in my subconscious. But I'm glad to be alive and excited about the year, whats to come and what's already come.

So the other day, I walked into my room, my own personal space because I wanted to be away from everyone, I wanted to study, reflect and just travel into my inner mind and maybe write. You know, it’s the beginning of the year, and I really wanted to reflect, but instead, I found myself taking selfies. (You see, I'm always so 'solemn' about new years, this distraction just helped buttress my point that I just may have come into this year sometime before 2017 officially packed up)

I was so distracted by self, and by the chemistry I seemed to have with the camera in that moment
That’s how life happens to a lot of us!
We build a momentum, and start to run with it, then we get distracted, and sometimes, these distractions are valid… valid reasons to focus on self and what is and what isn’t working, that the impetus to keep moving at a certain pace is dimmed and we slow down.

May we not lose the momentum we’ve built with the New Year by being distracted with self.
May we fix our eyes like a flint to do all that we ought to do and not get sidetracked by frivolous things, even valid thins.
These distractions will surely come... self, relationships, the comparison of self with others etc and they will only slow you down if you feed them with attention.
I pray for the grace to be focused for everyone of us! It’s in our focus that we enter into these wonderful prophecies that have been spoken over us for the year.

Jesus loves you, and He’s willing and able to help you, keep your eyes focused on His love and walk on water, do the impossible, step out on your dreams, all things are possible… stay focused.

Happy New Year.


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