Football Fans... Dogged Loyalty.

I am a Manchester united fan and I happily wear my football jerseys whenever I feel like being a great fan. It doesn’t matter that things haven’t been as fabulous as it used to be in the past with the club.
⁣ Even more mind boggling is how arsenal fans, defeat after defeat, shame after shame.... dashed hope after dashed hope, year after year still proudly wear their jerseys and declare who they are with pride ( gunners for life)

If we can be so patient with our football clubs that keep failing us, even when we don’t partake in the profits of the club, the players and managers drive the best cars while we hop buses to viewing centers, and we have to pay for anything we want; subscription fees to watch the match on cable, tickets to watch it live, a chunky sum for the jerseys and other branded club merchandise... ⁣
Even when the managers are sacked, we don’t move on with the managers, we stick with the club. ⁣We may get frustrated at the performance, but we stay loyal and faithful through it all.

Then we should be much more firmly rooted in our faith in God. Even when things aren’t working the way we expect. Even if we feel pastors and priest are driving good cars while we trek to church... Even when there are bills to pay.⁣

Then why shouldn’t we be excited about giving( we’re not purchasing the merchandise of salvation: righteousness, peace, joy etc, they are free) but giving freely for the sake of the gospel, knowing that nothing is too much for the gospel, and happily discussing the faithfulness of God even if we feel like God didn’t score the goal we were hoping he’d score with that new car, or the hot sauce dude we wanted to notice us, or the rejection from a dream job?⁣

We should fly His grace and His love by wearing the jersey of praise not dependent on when the points we desire from him is imputed, but because we believe in His goodness and love because of his perfect sacrifice.⁣
We may get disappointed when some expectations are not met as we want them to be, but we still stay rooted in our belief that He is good.
Wear God well even when other clubs mock your commitment when it seems like things are not working out for you like they ought to.
You’ll receive jests from people In the faith with you and those out of it.⁣

I mean arsenal fans get mocked by other clubs, even those not in the top ten and by other arsenal fans whose motto when it comes to being fans is ‘It's not that serious’⁣.

Let them mock you for offerings and tithing. For church talk and pastor(manager) honor and hype. For regular live attendance in church.⁣
For steadfastness in faith. ⁣
If it wouldn’t stop you from “we die here” with your club, then why should it with God?⁣


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