Dreams: Virtual Vs Reality

I don’t always recognize my Facebook/internet friends outside the virtual world... ( maybe we’re so enhanced online that when I see the real person I don’t recognize)

Truth is I don’t visit most profiles. I may recognize names and may even interact with the names, but I haven’t taken time to look at pictures. I haven’t interacted with the person on a level where I recognize them as soon as I see them outside ( well, save for those who post regular pictures that pop up on our timeline which makes us consciously or unconsciously aware of them. )

Sometimes our dreams become flesh and we fail to recognize them because they don’t look like what we’ve interacted with within or we just haven’t interacted enough with them beyond the end result or idea of living the Dream.

Interact with your dreams, not just with mere words but full pictures, let them be so real to you within, that when it comes out in whatever size, shape or form... as a seedling or full grown tree you will recognize it and not miss out because of the little or hard work required.

Many run from what they asked for because it looks different, or they have no idea what it’s supposed to look like and so are unaware when it begins to manifest. If only you would take the time to be approachable and listen when it calls out to you.
Don’t be a snub to your dreams.

I’ve been in this zone and it starts to mess with your head sometimes, because as much as you know what you want, you really can’t recognize the truth you see, because you have the wrong pictures backing up your desires.

I pray we all learn to embrace our dreams, to interact with them. To look at pictures of them and internalize them beyond the day dreams, so that when they come around, even if it comes as work to harvest a field for the wheat to be processed to the bread you imagined, we would be willing, because we see beyond the raw form the desires come to us. 

(It was great to finally meet Raquel after 9years of being online friends. She was featured on this blog here when she was still a student. Now she's married and has gone ahead to accomplish more.  It’s amazing how we both had to move from Lagos before this chance meeting happened. She bumped into me somewhere and here we are meeting now. And yes we recognized ourselves )


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