Shopping Spree...

Exercise is profitable to me. I know that, but I believe this more than I’m willing to practice. The other day I came out of the house determined to take a long walk and  less than a kilometer into my walk, my legs cramped and I turned back and struggled home.

But you see, when it comes to shopping... I do long stretches. Sometimes when at London West end, I walk the stretch of marble arch through oxford street all the way to Tottenham court road, with some detours to regent and bond streets... I am on my feet, walking kilometers and putting in some more cardio by entering the shops on my path, walking the length and breath of them, and then trying on stuff and carrying heavy shopping bags. Hardly getting a break to sit down. And I am at it for hours. Some days I take the bus, but on my determined days, I walk my way through.

Sometimes it’s my intention to buy one or two things, but I end up seeing things I need/want and buying them if my wallet allows.
A shopping trip for say, a pair of shoes becomes dynamic as I start reaching out to get other things I realize I need or will match a purchased item.
It’s hard work!

Now that’s a work out, of the wallet and the body.
Don’t I get tired? I do! Sometimes I’m literally dragging myself through the shops and nursing my legs when I get home. But I know it’s profiting my wardrobe, and me so I push my body. I’m inspired to keep going because Its adding value to me. We even dare to call shopping fun and a hobby even with the pain it comes with.

It’s easier walking a longer distance shopping and exerting more energy because I can see the nice things I get myself.

Same with prayers.
I went on a prayer walk with ‘The Core’, a prayer group.
I can’t figure how many kilometers we walked but it was long in my eyes.
I was tired but I kept going, excited in my Spirit because I was shopping in things that are unseen and it was profiting my body as well.
Knowing my prayer was amounting to something, and giving my body the much-needed exercise it cried out for.

"And in a similar way, the Holy Spirit takes hold of us in our human frailty to empower us in our weakness. For example, at times we don’t even know how to pray, or know the best things to ask for. But the Holy Spirit rises up within us to super-intercede  on our behalf, pleading to God with emotional sighs too deep for words." Romans 8:26

Praying in tongues is dynamic. You're praying about one thing and it’s working out other things. Like shopping, but here everything’s been paid for.
So in prayer you’re grabbing already paid for stuff off the shelf. An unlimited card. It’s about taking what is yours. (
Shopping is always beautiful with unlimited credit… that’s the Holy Spirit. Praying is always beautiful leaning on Him as our help.)

You go to pick a pair of shoes like I do when shopping and end up picking more than just shoes.

“Prayer power is dynamic, that means you might come to God for one pressing issue, but go away getting clarity and direction on so much more! Because God is gracious, and he knows what we really need.” Rev Ebowo Akin-Ojo

i.e You’re praying for a job. And at the same time your spirit is grabbing other things. Laying hold of desires even you don’t know you have. Handling your family. Opening pathways. Settling your future. Edifying yourself etc. Even when you feel tired you keep going because you know it is profitable to you.

What am I saying?
Praying with an understanding that your prayers amount to something makes it easy or worth it even if it feels like labor.(James 5:16) God answers Prayers. Let that be your motivation. When you know how effectual your prayers are you would pray always. Don’t use your experiences to judge Gods’ faithfulness. Your prayer avails much! Believe it or not.

And as Joseph Prince says, Pray knowing you have influence with God.  That gives you boldness and confidence, knowing He hears you. 

“I will bring them to my holy mountain of Jerusalem and will fill them with joy in my house of prayer...... “
Isaiah 56:7 NLT

It’s joyful to pray! God fills us with joy in his house of prayer.
Ask a lady how full of joy she is when she has access to uncensored shopping. That’s just a drop in the ocean compared to the joy found in prayer.

(It’s joyful to shop even when you’re spending money.... the only person who is sometimes not happy about a lady’s shopping is her husband..., like the devil isn’t happy about your praying. So when the husband complains of your shopping speak directly to the devil influencing him, and cast it out. Like Jesus did with Peter. Get thee behind me Satan. Jokes! )

Shopping feels a lot less stressful when done with friends.
Praying sometimes feels easier when done in groups or in pairs. It spurs you to pray longer.

Looking for a group to shop, I mean pray with?

Just a few listed here, and the great thing about them is you don’t have to be there physically, you can join in online. Follow details on the pictures to find links.

Prayer Cruise with PosE every Monday morning 7am-12pm at Nicon Luxury suites Abuja.

Prophetic lunch hour prayers with Rev Arome Adah at SGC Abuja. 12.30pm-2pm. 

PWE- A virtual prayer meeting every Friday from 5pm-6pm all the way from Ibadan.

(I’m not talking about prayer houses or prayer contractors. This isn't a personal shopper situation. This is about you and God. Relationship. Coming boldly before him. Taking what He’s made available for you in His love, through the death, burial and resurrection of Christ.)


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