What's On The Menu?...

I love going out to nice fancy restaurants.
But I hate ordering, except when I crave particular things.

When I have to order, I go for the same old boring and safe.
Maybe not exactly boring, but same old... no adventure with my taste buds, no chance to discover new things I might like, a quick scan through a menu, discomfort from the waiter hovering over me and a resigned order for the familiar, even when it’s not the best there is.

Thus, I like it when someone else takes charge of the ordering.
I just sit and watch as they expertly go through the menu and dish out orders, with me only chipping in when I have specifics (extra spicy, medium rare, lemon and ice).

I end up enjoying the meal. Somethings I may never have tried. Yes, it’s a chicken meal, but better than whatever I would have gone for.

Let God do the ordering for you. You need to just rest and trust His judgment.

Yes you want fish, chicken, beef, or seafood ... He’ll give you a better variety of these that you’ve never had before, but will love.

Get the desires... let him do the ordering of what the best kind of chicken meal in that restaurant or situation.

Sometimes we don’t know what we want in a spouse, in a job or friendships. Sometimes our hearts are drawn to a certain ethnicity and height etc but who we order is a bland dish for our life journey; let him direct your steps to the right flavor for you.
You desire a fine dish of prosperity, and then you’re ordering the oil industry variety (because that’s the narrative for ‘stupid’ wealth in Nigeria) but God is directing your steps to civil service... eat that meal of civil service/cooking/farming he’s ordered for you, or you’ll go into that oil industry and be frustrated, with the easy money not so easy, as digestion is hard with all the hustling.

Letting God in breaks your pattern of wrong decisions... and cries of “every friend I’ve had always betrays my trust”, “every business I try to do never works out” “all the boys I’ve loved always breaks my heart/are players” etc

He prepares a table for you (Psalms 23)... He knows the best pepper them meals that would excite your taste buds and shame the enemy, a meal that isn’t medium rare but well done with just enough juice in it.

Sometimes the dish served may not look appetizing, but taste and see... trust His judgment.


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