BareFaced and Absolutely Flawless...

(I made this video just before the pandemic happened. Seems so apt for now.)
Don’t let your identity be tied to anything in this world; because the system of the world is bound to fail... it has failed... and will yet fail again.

It will take off your makeup as roughly as I wiped mine clean here.
After all the make-up is taken off... it’s you! 

When it’s all silent... like in this season, where our expensive bags don’t matter cause they’re sitting bored in wardrobes, where you can’t buy the most champagnes in clubs to the hailing of people. Where you can’t eat in the best restaurants to be seen as relevant. Where your priority passes can’t be used, latest cars are parked, private jet is grounded and you’re getting too fat at home to ‘offend in your fendi’ outfits. Thank God at least we have the internet... but what if that’s taken away too? From 5g debates to 0g.
Can you live with yourself in the silence of truth?

When the cover of religion is wiped off, and church buildings are shut down... is there a relationship with God that can still thrive outside of all that make-up of showing up in church? Of being on stage every Sunday singing in your nice outfit? Of being an usher?
If you are stripped to nothing, is there still an identity chilling in the foundation of who you are? When the world fails, are you still happily you, even when it’s left you barefaced? Can you still confidently show up knowing it’s not about the additives?

There’s just so much more... and that more is the barest necessity. If we don’t get it right there, then all the cover as nice as they are, wouldn’t make up for anything.
I love beautiful things. I get beautiful things all the time and I desire so much more beautiful things, I love the good life, I like nice restaurants and holidays, but I don’t let them define me. I am first of all, a child of God, before every other thing; my family name, my little and big wins, my designer possessions, setbacks, VVIP contacts,slaying. Etc

The gospel has been my answer... My identity is found in it. Strip me down and I’ve got all it takes to live! It is my answer, my seek first... and other things are added. It is my barefaced foundation that is solidly built, and all the makeup can comfortably sit on.
My identity is in my being God’s righteousness in Christ. My right standing with God... not because I’m perfect but He is.
This season, be intentional about finding your identity beyond your material possession and titles. There’s got to be more... find that more and you would thrive even IF those things are taken away from you. 

That more is in Christ. It is in the gospel. That Christ came and died for you and has given you an identity, beyond being a doctor or a slay queen, or being called diabetic or asthmatic, beyond being mother, father, orphan or side chic(why did I add this? 😅)… you are a son of God.
So when the world’s systems fail... you’re not lost. You’re not one without hope, even if you’re taking your last breath, you don’t feel lost, or defeated.
Your shine is not in proportion to the amount of makeup on you or your account, it is about the light in you, and that light destroys every darkness it encounters… you shine regardless. 

“You're beautiful from head to toe, my dear love, beautiful beyond compare, absolutely flawless.” Songs of Solomon 4:7(MSG) 
In Christ, this is my reality in Christ... when the make up is on, or wiped off. In season and out of season. So I reign regardless. 
Got Jesus?

“I came to Him because I did not know which way to turn. I remained with Him because there is no other way I wish to turn. I came to Him longing for something I did not have. I remain with Him because I have something I will not trade. I came to Him as a stranger. I remain with Him in the most intimate of friendships. I came to Him unsure about the future. I remain with Him certain about my destiny.”
― Ravi Zacharias


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