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So excited that Mchivir has released her first single "I'm So In Love With You.

I sat down by the window in my room on Sunday afternoon, as over and over again, the words of this song on repeat filled my room, and my heart, and I was a beautiful mess torn between just sobbing in love or screaming, as the power of God’s love emanated and wrapped it’s arms around me. So so precious, I had to take communion in that moment, to connect with the reality of this love. He loves me, so He died for me, to save me. Thankful for His love, His acceptance, His presence... and all that He is. 

Listen and download here:

Here’s what Mchivir has to say about ISILWY. 

'I'm So In Love With You' is a song about what the LORD has been speaking over me recently.
I was in a place where a lot of questions were asked, and I’ve come to realize that the LORD isn’t afraid of my questions. So I’ve delved into a lot of asking, and putting up question marks on the things happening in my life, and all the promises I’ve heard him whisper to me in the past. 
This song was birth from His answers to me, it is the evidence of The LORD comforting my heart and giving me fresh reassurance of His love. He is telling me it starts with knowing that He loves me, that He knows me, He sees me, and He's not unaware of me. He knows everything that's happening and He hasn't forgotten what He promised.

Like in Revelation 3:20, The LORD has knocked on the door of my heart, I have opened it and let Him, and He has dined with me. This is the part where I dine with Him. He's inviting me to come into His heart and know for myself that He is for me and not against me. To see with my own eyes that He harbours no evil intentions towards me and I can trust that His love will always be true to me. To understand that He can never lie to me nor ever fail me.
ISILWY is a song of comfort, hope and an invitation to trust anew.

Be comforted with the words of this song, let hope come alive within you, let your trust in Him in unhindered and let His love wrap it’s arms around you. 


Mchivir Iyornumbe © 2020

I know you
And I'm still loving you
I see you
And I still want you
No, don't turn your face away
I love to look into your eyes
Come on, look at me again
Just one glance and I come alive

I'm so in love with you
I'm so in love with you

Can you hear me?
I've been whispering to you
To take my hand again
And I promise there is nothing to lose
Would you dance with me, my love?
Take my hand, take a step
I wanna sing into your ear
Chase away your regrets

I'm so in love with you
I'm so in love with you

So I invite you
Come in, come know my heart
Step right in
Explore every part
No it's not my intention
To take advantage of you
'Cause all I am after
Is every part of you

I'm so in love with you
I'm so in love with you


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