On... Bleaching.


My bleaching story ⁣
I had breakouts that left my blemish free face with spots. ⁣

That’s how I was referred to Alhaja. She was the go to in Yaba Mkt for authentic cosmetics/skincare. I trusted her and the American product she gave me, as they had just made a big show of relaunching in Nigeria. After all it was Alhaja who knew all things... you took her word for it, you wouldn’t even dare argue with the imposing figure.⁣

I consistently used it for weeks. I wasn’t checking to see if the spots were gone after two days; not doubting the efficacy of the product, I just assumed it was sorted. Then I went back to school and heard one too many questions of what “cream are you using?” I gave the name not knowing people were asking to get on board with me🤦🏽‍♀️⁣

Then some boy told me point blank “stop bleaching, you looked better without it”... hayyyy God!🙆🏽‍♀️ Me? Bleach? Never!!!! That’s when It hit me. I immediately discontinued the product & my face went back to status quo minus spots. ⁣

See? I took Alhaja’s word for it. Planted the seed and went to sleep. I wasn’t fretting over the progress because I trusted her recommendation to work. I was consistent In my belief/application; if bleaching was my aim, consistency was the vehicle that landed me in the light skin gang street however short my sojourn. ⁣

Perhaps you have some stubborn spots... Know that God is the custodian of all things good and perfect. Come confidently to Him and take His word for it concerning your health, your pain, your dreams etc. Take the cream of His recommendation... the assurance of His word and plant it... rest assured that It’s working for you. Don’t keep digging up your seed to see if it’s working, you wouldn’t give it the chance to grow. ⁣

Consistently apply God’s word until the spots disappear(& you turn light skinned 😄) Sometimes people around you will notice the change before you do. Maybe it’s a spot of a hot temper... one day you don’t just lash out as you usually would, then they look at you and say “you’ve changed”. ⁣

“Miracles and faith always follows the law of patience. Stubbornness! Standing your ground on what you believe until it happens.” - Reigner Davies


  1. God bless you for this. You are beautiful jare dont mind Alhaja..lol


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