I Believe in Miracles... E.A Adeboye at 80.


A lot of people argue about the potency of Miracles. I don't. 
And it’s not just because I’ve personally seen God work in my life and my family. I have seen God’s track record in His word.
So it’s Pastor E.A Adeboye at 80 today, and I just have to share this testimony again.

My absolutely gorgeous mum.
In 2014 we entered one of the darkest periods of my life.
Mummy was ill. No one knew what was wrong. Hospitals in Nigeria found nothing. But I was home with her that period… watching her slip away. I worshiped my way through that season… speaking the life of Christ.
She went abroad, and I sensed in my heart it was cancer. But I kept mum about it and just prayed and worshiped on.
A scan was scheduled… and a growth was found somewhere between her spleen and pancreas. I forget the details.
Ah! It confirmed my fears.
The doctor was visibly worried about what he saw, thus scheduled a CAT scan for the next day, Saturday. That Friday night, happened to be Holy Ghost service. (Somebody shout Hallelujah!)
My sister Talatu called Mum to remind them to watch online(they usually do)
While Pastor Adeboye was ministering, as his manner is, he declared… “there’s someone here scheduled for surgery, God has done the surgery for you.” Mum and and my sister screamed Amen to that word of knowledge. ( A surgery would have to be done after the CAT scan to get the growth out for a biopsy)
They went for the CAT scan the next day and alas, the doc was dumbfounded. He couldn’t find the growth. Instead he saw a scar. And he asked if my mum had previously done a surgery. She’s never! He said what he thought was a growth was a scar from a surgery. He couldn’t understand it. We did!
That’s God.
He removed the growth and just to clear all doubt… he left a surgery scar, so we wouldn’t use logic to silence the miracle.
O things didn’t get rosy from there… there were a thousand little miracles on this journey.
I’ll probably share the full story some other time.
But God. We saw His hands… and even when the devil acted like a roaring lion… we saw this first miracle from Daddy GO as a sign that God was with us indeed and mindful of what we were dealing with, and we held on to God in faith till we saw Him perfect her health.
I believe in Miracles. I believe in the anointing upon God’s servant EAA.
And I am thankful for his life at 80. It is indeed from glory to glory!


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