Qualified... Take a Bow!


Ministerial nomination season is always an interesting time in Nigeria as we watch the intrigues of politics play out. The unqualified are most times given appointments as compensation… or as the new government’s arm of friendship to godfathers.

Then the screening of nominees start in the senate and we watch in awe, as the questions of credibility are swept under the rug as the unqualified are asked to “take a bow and go” without due process screening exercise, and even when a question slips into the mix and he fumbles with the answer, “take a bow and go” is echoed. Ushering him into his new position… qualified or not! 

A confirmation hearing to assess competence becomes a curtain call of subpar performance. 

Despicable in the world, but… as a child of God, that’s how we roll. 

God calls the unqualified. 


God has chosen you, He’s looked beyond your qualifications and lack of, for being the recipient of His love, grace and mercy... for what He’s called you to be and do, and He has spoken as the majority… saying to you with no hesitation, “take a bow and go”.


He isn’t telling you take a bow to leave you stranded in incompetence. No. He’s there helping you, to be what He’s approved you to be in Him, in purpose. When you’re at the end of yourself, the wisdom and help of God is there. The right assistance is there for you. 


“You are anointed to do great things for the kingdom. Follow God’s leading.” Dr Anthony Evans 


If God's qualified you, then you're qualified... follow His leading and watch just how great things will turn out for you. And even if the people oppose your call, you know, like those who gather around newspaper stands in Nigeria, or type vigorously on their keyboard criticising the government … He’s saying “Who shall lay a charge against God’s elect? it is God that justifies.”


This is the honour God has placed on you, He justifies you. 


The fact that you have been asked to take a bow doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be accountable. Because you’re accepted in the beloved, and grace abounds to you, does not mean you have room to do anyhow

There are good works to do. Honour the one who loved you and called you, honour your call, honour your purpose, honour your kingdom, honour the trust that has been placed on you. Do good works to glorify your father, and men will see your light. 


“Lord,” Ananias answered, “I have heard many reports about this man and all the harm he has done to your holy people in Jerusalem. And he has come here with authority from the chief priests to arrest all who call on your name.”

But the Lord said to Ananias, “Go! This man is my chosen instrument to proclaim my name to the Gentiles and their kings and to the people of Israel.” Acts 9:14-15


People would try to disqualify you from your assignment by dwelling on the things they have heard about you... Ananias heard about the horrible things Saul had done, these were true things… but God didn’t address the past, instead He spoke about who Saul was in His eyes, the Paul the world would come to know and be helped by his letters and teachings… God called him His chosen instrument.


Gideon was timid and fearful, but in the same book of judges that described him as all that, we saw him become one the greatest judges of Israel… In his raw state, the angel of the Lord called him mighty man of valour  unqualified as he was… He was asked to take a bow that qualified him into the perfect plans of God.  


“God has freed you from impressing people that don’t count. He has elected and selected you.” Reigner David’s 


God has loved us, a people undeserving… accept His love… take a bow and go and rule your world. Live in purpose despite the fingers of accusation and voices that rise to try and disqualify you. remember, they don't count. Have single eyes… on the goal of being commissioned by God. 


“You didn’t choose me, but I’ve chosen and commissioned you to go into the world to bear fruit. And your fruit will last, because whatever you ask of my Father, for my sake, he will give it to you!”

John 15:16 TPT


I love the chosen series, and these words of the disciple Philip, spoken to Matthew who felt so unqualified to be in the company of Jesus struck me… “What you think you know doesn’t matter, only that Jesus chose you, that’s where your confidence comes from now.”


The same way Jesus called Peter, an unstable person a Rock… and what a Rock he was formed into despite his unstableness. Jesus indeed transforms us into what we are not… we are transfigured to the version of ourselves we never thought or imagined existed, when we put our trust in Him,


God has chosen you, because He loves you… that’s where your confidence should be anchored on, so when the storm of voices rise to tell you otherwise, you are not floored. 

So my darling… you are qualified, because God says so. Take a bow and go live a rich and satisfying life you’ve been called into. 




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