santini and my soul

i kinda stole this, well took permission but didnt get the go ahead to post it here. but who cares yeah?
most girls have come across the santinis of the world, proteges of casanova,Don Juan, frank sinatra and the fictional 'bond...james bond' ...

i was quite impressed(so impressed i stole it) as it was written by a guy, he got to the core of what the ladies feel(maybe he is a santini no?) or maybe he's been done the santini...cos come to think of it there are female santinis around the globe too, those taking over from helen of troy , cleopatra, fantasy queen(lol) et co.
enjoy this...would really love to hear our santini stories

The infinitivity of the darkness of space,

Nature abhors vacuum, but still the screams in my heart cannot be heard.

The earth is a mere speck when placed in the foreground of the universe

how much smaller, this train carriage,

even more minute then, me, Claire

little ol' Claire.

Not much more than a statistic.

I think thats an accurate description of how he made me feel.

You'd think the daily 10 to 20 requests for my phone number would make me feel special.

You'd probably also think the 100 or so envious looks from all kinds of girls and women would invoke some sense of superiority in me.

Does my 500 Pound purse equal contentment?

Do my trendy designer clothes equal confidence?

You know what, there might have been elements of truth in all the above if Santini didn’t grip my soul so tightly.

The time we spent together was great;his touch, his stares, his kiss.

He'd caress me with his words, have me wide open,

but i could never seem to get into him,it was like he knew my all, but i only saw his surface.

The sex was amazing, he made me laugh,he was real with me, he gave the best advice.

My friends said they really liked him, and always asked why we werent official,

I always gave excuses, til i ran out and lied we were.

he moved with a certain calm, cool, which i recall the most from the numerous times i lay on my bed and watched him leave my room.he never let me walk him to the door.

The heartache would begin a few hours after his departurethe realisation that he didnt fully belog to me would creep up on me slowly

My mind would be flash flooded with thoughts of the other women he might be with,

what he tells his friends about me, if I'll ever see him again.

You see he answers everything i ask him about himself, but yet he seems like a stranger to me in someways.

Maybe Santini is some southern American word for Satan!

A bit similar aren't they?

I never see him when i want to, which to be honest, is all the time,but i offer no resistance when i get that call or text saying 'im comin over...'

I want to let him go,i think that will be best for me,

but i fear the hole it'll leave in me.

I fear I'll never meet another that lives up to him.

But he hurts me so much without tryin...

by.........aka dini dangerfield.

(tried to get a picture to describe this, my creative juice kept flooding over, but i just couldnt get the right pic)


  1. 1st yayyyyyyy!
    i mean like wow. now i get to go shopping today, my reward for holding this spot.
    lol, since it aint me who wrote i think its legal yeah?

    my response to this post was:
    lots of santini incarnates lurk the corners of the earth. every girl at a piont has or will meet him and love him and cry over him and have her heart not just broken into two but smashed in pieces by him.making it difficult for her to be whole again.hes the one the momma warns about, and the poppa grabs a shot gun after.the one we know better than to fall for 'but i offer no resistance when i get that call or text saying 'im comin over' because in that way of his, he knows what to say and how to say it so good that a mere 'hey babe' from him is like a sip from the most amazing magarita ever made, it spins our head and translates to a lot of things we have illusions of.santini is the one whos a master in the act of making a woman stop feeling like a nobody at the same time making her loose her self assuredness(Does my 500 Pound purse equal contentment?
    Do my trendy designer clothes equal confidence)the italians/parisians/swiz/polish et co called him cassanova he is 'the philosopher Who devotes his life to the perfection of experience...seduction'

  2. Seduction is an art form that has been abused...

  3. I think the art of Seduction is one that should be mastered with each form seriously evaluated against it's counter for the mark it is being applied on.
    Santini is a master of the art.. hence that's what makes him santini.
    Most people mix and match various methods and it backfires in their faces..

  4. emm, i think every woman has met (Or will meet) a santini in her life time. Santini to me, is a lesson to be learned, a mountain to overcome and a battle to be won, after which you become stronger, if you are wise. Santini is no place of abode, so move on when it's done. you had your fun, now face reality!

    I guess it all stems from the fact that every good girl, secretly wishes for a bad boy! *Trying to make some sense of it all!*

  5. Santini, oh Santini.
    I could do with your mad skills in times past.
    Gone past being envious
    As I realise you may not make your wife happy.
    or maybe I'm just beefing?
    Santini, oh Santini.
    Wert art thou?

  6. 500 pound purse = contentment?

    hell no!

    but it comes close...

  7. 500 pound purse = contentment?

    hell no!

    but it comes close...

  8. i'm wit naijachickito--every good girl, secretly wishes for a bad boy!

    *how u?*

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. lol @ fantasy queen been first.

    Santini. I know one. Have met one. Have known one,and yes. Satan is a perfect description. the post described us.

    i don do true confession

    @ lg and naijachickito- not this kind of bad boy.

    May 13, 2008 5:52 PM

  11. who told u, u could be first????

    Ok probably talking about Ade or Victor or some other ex of

  12. you to be the one to see it as the art that it really is.

    mayii...mix and match huh? thats like you saying one should be a master of this game, thus going on a spree of taking the cup for series of tornaments.
    now i'll have to borrow unnakeds phrase of seduction being an art that is abused.

    naija chikito...babes, i feel u on that. we definately get stronger from a sojourner with santini, well thats if we're in anyway wise.

    bad boys have this appeal, cant place a finger on it, the swagger, the attitude? not sure but it just has a way of sending the heart beating faster than we can cope with. sure does come close...*sigh* but not that close.

    Lg...i'm cool.
    and we sure do want the badies

    uzezi...true confession eh? maybe i'll start another tag culture, do your santini stories. now i cant wait to hear yours.

    afrobabe...who told me i could be first?, well i learn from the best missy and thats you.

    so you confirm the gist. every girl wants a bad boy(secretly) but trust you to get more than your own fair dose. LMAO

  13. tobenna...your comment about santinis unhappy wifey got me thinking of something i read somewhere...
    i never was attached to that great sect whose doctrine is that each one should select out of the crowd a mistress or a friend, and all the rest though fair and wise, commend to cold oblivion.

    now that's something a satini would say. why get married to one when theres a whole bunch of fair ladies about. stay single and have a

  14. I concur, FQ.
    I really do.
    That great sect coulda been like the muslims.
    However, they are wiser.

  15. **rolls eyes with jealousy**
    but u know its all lurve really!

  16. FQ. authority is power unabused. santini is a student of the art of seduction and it comes in varying forms. half cassanova half rake will always backfire that's what I mean by mix and match.

  17. havinsometimes what we crave is not necessarily good for us

  18. i "third" naija chikito, she took the words ryt out of my mouth.

  19. i just do a confession post one day. since i no get liver, i will get real tipsy and type away

  20. ladies seduce with their essence males do with conning words

    U gotta stay on top ur game

  21. Wow, this Santini reminds alot about my 'Xboy'. Wow... especially the part where "....I never see him when i want to, which to be honest, is all the time,but i offer no resistance when i get that call or text saying 'im comin over...". Wow, how incredibly discerning of my plight. I have already found my Santini :S

  22. i found my santini or is it satan, and am hurting right now cos my santini just did it yet again.

  23. Ha...

    I just had the courage to chase my santini away..

    Wasted 2yrs of my life

  24. Feels a bit late coming on here now, but what can I say! Thanks for the cred Fantasy Queen. As Santini's secret is officially out, perhaps you'll be interested in a sequel piece by my hombre, titled Santini has a Soul -

    (scroll after Santini part 1). Enjoy

  25. You guys I have a kinda a Santini...and u guys dont know the half of it...maybe sometime I'll write Santini's side of the story and why he's such a torrid heartbreaker..


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