long post i know, but who cares?

the july edition of truelove west africa was delivered to me. there was a bag post, supposedly random ladies with contents of their bags displayed. so i emptied the contents of my bag and took a picture.
lots of people have done the bag post, so why not me?on this day my bag had the following contents
*2 books: great gabsby(one of the best classic love stories ever) and the secret. thats a book everyone ought to read. it tells all this wonderful things of positivity of the mind being the key to achievement and happiness and positive results.
*true love note pad(i write lists all the time, to do list, i want list and whatever random thoughts) july edition of true love,a copy of the price list of the nigerian stock exchange as at friday.
*wallet, inside the wallet is:drivers license, id card,atm cards and a master card that's on red...lol, family photos, business cards, and a cool 1215naira.
*makeup bag(in it is a nude lipgloss, compact powder, face brush, liner and a caramel lipstick)
*hand cream, mini touch of pink perfume, and 5ml van cleef &
*a pink book marker, 2 pens, a red flash drive
*scarface dvd.
*a pack of half eaten oreos
*trident gum in tropical twist flavor
*sunglasses in its case(couldnt find my case so used my sis case.i take the case around cos i could be so careless and sit on my bag), black hair clip, hair brush. optinet(cleaning wipes for my glasses)
*my ipod and 2 phones n72 and an iphone(sometimes i wonder at the point of carrying an ipod and an iphone together)
*Tylenol extra, and a pain relief spray for my leg
*pampers baby wipes(i love the scent) and 1 Kleenex pack
my bag is a lot bigger than it appears in the picture, i couldnt get it to stand without the contents in it.
thank God i didnt do this on one of those days i had a pack of frosties in my bag or a bottle of groundnut. it was fortunately one of my 'almost posh' days.
went for mode magazine black night dinner thingy last night. i felt really drab and unpretty. was in an orange dress and silver accessories to go with the dress code of silver for ladies. my friends and some told me i looked 'really' nice, but i felt like it wasn't my best or near my best.
went on to a very late dinner at prime Chinese restaurant by 12am and then to the new place penthouse or something in Victoria island. ended up at lacasa, twas asa's after concert thingy.
there we were and there he was, this really really cute dude that left me speechless in the middle of my banter with my kind of best friend miss A. she followed my eyes and we both giggled like i haven't in a long long time.
i followed him with my eyes all through and almost stabbed the girls he flirted with,i caught his eyes once.
we walked out the door later, ready to go home, hes coming back into the club as i'm stepping out, we stare for the briefest of seconds and i walk on, before i get to the last flight of stairs out of lacasa i hear a voice so beautiful call "FQ' i turn around and who else but cute dude in a black shirt and miss A smiling sheepishly by his side, up till that moment i didn't realized she wasn't behind me, i thought she was in front with the rest.
anyways he got my number, i couldnt get his name when he said it cos my heart was beating so loud i couldn't hear a thing. i'm keeping a crossed finger hoping he calls.
i asked miss A what she said to him and she goes, 'i think my friend thinks you're cute' as she walks away he grabs her and asks 'which one? the one with the black shawl?'(she said he asked hopefully) i felt good when she said that, meaning from the crowd of girls she was with, he noticed me. he gets my name off her.
as angry as i pretended to be at her i'm glad she did it. i'm not going to hold my breath waiting for his call, but it'd be nice if he called.

earlier in the day, i was stuck in traffic on my way to lekki and this bus driver called my attention, i put down the glass to hear what he was saying 'aunty you fine well well'. it made me feel warm all over cos i knew he was sincere, he wasn't one of the guys around who would tell me that cos somehow they expect something in return. this driver expects nothing from me, suddenly tough woman me had tears streaming down my eyes. couldnt figure out why but i felt so good and thankful and i dunno, emotional. i smiled and mouthed thank you to him, put my sunglasses on to cover my tears and continued to nod to estelles 'American boy'.

my dream phone of the moment is...the nokia N96, now that's one baby i cant wait to carry in my hands, come august i'm somehow going to get it.


  1. LOL
    where do I start?
    lmao, you shed a tear?
    that's a beautiful thang.
    I love giving women compliments. Just like that guy, sometimes you see a lady so beautiful you just want to tap somebody n tell em look>>>

    am meetin lots a new girls, with the weather n all..but I don't feel like following thru...I think I want to be chased o. lol

    in ur bag.....
    if them area boys mess with you...just pull out ur scarface...and tell em
    say hello to my little friend

    I dude better call you o
    cos if he don't I will

  2. hey babe, can you send me that scarface... pls.... address it to
    Anu Boy
    The Orchard,
    Shop 3, Civic Center
    Ozumba Mbadiwe VI


  3. hmm has the cute guy called yet???

    aww r u that emotional?...dont make me cry o..lol

  4. Lol! glad he got ur num.

    Aww d bus driver made u shed a tear. U must be a fine girl.

    U have a lot of things in ur bag. I won't b able 2 do a bag post, cos I empty d content of my bag every 9t. N i carry small bags.

  5. awww...you cried?

    This meeting ppl in clubs is an epidemic on blogsville this week...u. zephi...char...

    Did he call yet?

  6. Happy father's day

  7. UPDATE ON DUDE: he so called me last night. i didnt have to bite my fingers and wait that long. would save the story for another day.

    DoG...lmao, now thats a thot, wipe out my scarface and freeze em thugs out.

    now that i think back to sheding that tear, i guess its cos its the time of the month or why else would i cry over a compliment. crazy.

    so you want to be chased? bring it on fella, imma chase ur skin out of you, you'll find no place to hide.

    anu boy...better still, i could drop it off for you on my way to work. i'd have a genuine reason to stop by and actually meet ur boss.lol(except me cant live without me scarface)

    aloted...lol' i'm hoping i'm not that emotional and twas just a case of stark raving hormones.

    oluwadee...maybe the bus driver was a little drunk that afternoon. i wouldnt blame him for being that way after the rains and all.lol

    yeah i carry loads of stuff around. i guess the size of the bag inspires my load.

    zena...such an epidemic, the club meetings, and a good one at that. well for some.
    he called and now i wish he didnt.

    weirdgurl...to u too.

  8. With this other due lurking in the corner, i guess i'll leave verse 3 right at your door:

    I want to know if you think and act on your emotions,
    And if it affects your judgment in adverse situations
    I want to hear all about your dreams,
    Want to know if you believe that nothing is as it seems,
    I feel like I've been struck by lightening
    And honestly writing this is truly frightening.

  9. wairraiminute! did anu boy just leave his address here? does he know they kidnap people in naija?

    ehen babe all dat in ur purse? na wa o. I'm pretty sure u looked marvellous in the orange dress, i'm imagining u right now n u look lovely.
    yaaaaaaaay i'm glad u met this dude, now u dont have to look too hard to find a guy for our 3some....did u look at his *coughs*?

    U cried? r u serious? that means u cry everyday. u really dont know how beautiful u are?
    Girl u are very gorgeous n i mean it from the bottom of ma heart*trust me*

  10. Uhmm FQ, abeg... borrow me that DVD... PLEASE...

    and uhmm, whats with DLs comment, na wa oh, i think something is up btw you two...

    na wa, DL, no wonder your mama like to de baff you with Holy water

  11. is that a condom I see in ur bag? j/k

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. silly child...
    i no join oh....

  14. ...how special!!!...the driver calling your attention just to tell you how fine you are!!!...joy...doesn't that just make you want to walk on air?!...your beauty is that kind that men have to tell you...no be small thing o!!...glad cute dude called...hurry and post the gist on that...how have you been?...i haven't been over here in a minute...let me go read...

  15. na wa for u ohh..danfo driver says u fine well well and u dey cry!! lol

    whats up now!!

    oya oya i have dedicated my post to u!!!

  16. yicks.....there is a threesome porn going on here...why wasn't I invited???

    I want in, I want in...lets throw in another man biko....or better yet lets have an ogry...

    All that in ur bag love??? Cool posh bag if you ask me...Now I have been motivated to throw out stuff from my bag and change my wallet...lol

  17. The scarface dvd is totally off the heezy (now dats one bad ass chick).

    shedding a tear at the bus drivers sincerity was so cute. its good to feel appreciated.

    if the guy you met in the club is as smart as i think he is, he definitely would call you.

    you be hotie now! no doubt 'fi le'

  18. fine gurl,shebi i don tell u b4 say norrin do u n im luvin ur bag too!!!!

  19. u are such a fuzzy wuzzy!lol, it's cute. cuz i normally get irritated or amused when those bus drivers call out "fine girl".

    pls keep us updated on mr. cute guy o, i hope this is a match, a li'l romance is just what u need ryt babe (after ur ex's getting married et al).

    ur bag is def posh.

  20. Girl..that bag is loaded oo! i wouldn't be surprised if in the near future you also put AK47's and Atomic bombs in there.

    Wish i were you. No! I think i need a much bigger bag you know? But then again i wanna learn how to apply make-up, maybe thats when i'll carry all that 'wahala' inside my bag. Gimme the tips now abeg...

  21. days like dat happen dear. according 2 sasuke, they r drought days, days wen u r never sure u r pretty though everyone else is seeing an angel. it;s well dear. ur bag is not too bad o. u should see darlkcee (kai, i don forget how 2 spell dis babe name o)

  22. LOL...You've got a very interesting stuff in your bag there. Awwww... I'm glad the guy got your number...This is like a romantic movie unfolding here ohh...

  23. all those things inside ur bag(wow).....u berra beware of bagsnatchers...cos if them snatch that one....na igbese o!

    first time here am lurving it....

    nice blog!

  24. sounds like youhad a great time

    just dont hurt nobody lol

  25. Awwww, this was such a cute post. I don't know why, but it does my heart well to know that you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, yet you don't arrogantly walk around as though you are better than every other person that walks this earth. You are truly a gem and just too darn cute! You're like a real life Barbie doll. Too cute I tell ya.


  26. I'm totally living vicariously through you. Great post.

  27. Is it ok to call you a phonaholic? Iphone, n72, yet lusting for n96?

    I imagine you carry the pain killer spray and Tylenol for the shoulder and back pain you must get from lugging that bag around. Only someone as complex as you will carry both the Secret and Scarface at the same time.

  28. This is really interesting and it got me thinking...


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