na devil

we've all had our "na devil" moments. poor devil(not) serves him right for being evil.

we all have a reason to blame it on him.
i mean we know how wrong it is to do somethings but we just shrug and say "na devil" when we're brought to book. those moments of weakness, of broken promises, of naughtiness, of ego tripping and all.

I've had dozens of 'na devil' moments. very interesting moments those were.....moments when my excesses were just so excessive and all i could think of when i berated myself was 'this devil eh". Of course common sense knows that even if at all he shoved me to do it, i was the one who took myself all the way. but we're only humans thus when we cheat, be it cheating life, ourselves or those we love....after the initial thrill of getting away with it, when the wave of realization and consciene is poured down on us(maybe cos we've been found out,) and we pitifully cry "I'm sorry" but we just have to blame it on someone else, it wasnt all our fault....its the devil, of course its him, who else would push us to such foolishness.


  1. LOL.. Had my own 'na devil' moment when i was caught liftinng a book from my secondary school library -- good thing though was a techer who liked me a lot was just outside the door and stood surety for me... Might have caused enuf 'yawa' for me!

  2. hmmmm so what's ur own story???

    What have u done girl?? spill now...

  3. lmao...Danny you tried to steal a library bok??? weren't those free??

  4. Darling FQ, what did you do this time? lol...we def all have those moments!

  5. @Afrobabe -- Worst part of it was that I was supposed to have been the library prefect!!!!! The library had stopped lending boks at the time....

  6. lol' @ danny, what a leader u were.

    afrobabe and me people, i have not commited any blunder, well i'm hoping its nothing i have to blame the devil for later cos i'm soooo happy:)

    saved girl...thanks.

  7. the devil does not push asswipes in front of moving trailers

    but a sweetheart like u-wetin u do??????

  8. okay, so come talk to aunty Sma sweetheart, *pats seat* shhh, won't tell anyone, not even Afro... what did the devil make u do?

  9. LOL- lets see.

    Can't remember right now, in fact- more like too many to choose


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