H&M launched its Matthew Williamson collection for H&M today. The main inspiration for this collection is a retrospective of special pieces from his past collections.

i was at the H&M store on regent street yesterday, all i could wish for was the day to magically transform to today, so i could pick up as much of Williamson wonderfully eclectic print pieces. hes so good with colors and he gets away with piling up colors on his pieces.from eye catching purple to pink and turquoise(is this the new color of the season? cos i'm turning into a turquoise junkie), makes you feel like you're staring at a peacock.

unfortunately, my wish didn't come true, so i'm home today and imagining how crazy the stores would be now, with everyone shoving and dragging on the one off pieces.
hopefully when i stroll in tomorrow, I'll be able to lay my hands on a few good left over pieces or i might have to turn to ebay.

Posted by Picasathis is my favorite piece from the collection. it's worn by nicole hilton here. it cost just 44.99 quid,and then theres this silk jumpsuit that just kills me, for 149.99.
i've just got to get them *sigh*

you would think no one's shopping with the whole recession thingy. but the shops are still so full, its amazing, what happened to savings?
i've got to commend myself though. i've never had as much self control as i do now. Everyday I'm headed towards oxford street,promising myself i'm just going to rush in and out, then i'm walking the length and breath of new bond street and regent(i swear i dont know how i get there), but the good thing is i know i've got self control cos i dont take cabs that often. usually i shop till i'm weighed down with bags that i have to take a cab cos i cant bear to think about walking one more step or doing the underground. but now with my hurting feet i still manage to walk the underground cos i'm not holding as much bags:) yayyyy, i'm really a recovering shopaholic.
i must have grown up...or i must have been bitten by the recession bug.


  1. cuz, WHERE ARE YOU???


  2. That dress does look like a peacock... And I've wondered about the shopping-recession thing too..
    Hope you're having a great time?

  3. I like how u said u don't know how you reached Oxford street! Teleportation my dear, ur mind just thinks it and then takes you there. All the best with ur shopping.

  4. aaah.

    We all belong to that sisterhood of shopaholics.

    I mean..............What's not love about burning calries while jumping into clothes and carrying a million and one shopping bags........lingerie to shoes.

    It's 2 for the price of 1!

  5. Err.. this might be the chance to pick up that final suitcase to add to the travelling diva image o....

  6. Hospital! Hope all is well?!

    So you are in my area and did not let me know?

  7. you know what i told my cousin yesterday when i found out that some idiot killed himself? i told her i wouldn't want to kill myself and leave all my Samn elderman. hell naw. i kid. lol but really. i know we're in a recession and all but the prices have never been better.

  8. recession makes us shop more.....

  9. I agree with you, the shops are full. Maybe the prices of stuff are going down. I dont know for sure.

    I am glad about the progress you are making with the shopaholicism [is there a word like that?] I am sure you have more money in the savings account.

  10. Whether recovering or not, you my dear are a shopaholic! lol
    Pray tell, what are you doing in a hospital? Yes i'm nosy like that!

  11. bumight...cuz, the plan is still on, who knows the next stop might be a family visit.
    naughty eyes..thanks i'll try to.
    mizchif...lol' teleporting it is. i close my eyes and next i know...
    sirius....u bet babes. although sometimes freebies come with a prize....a decaying bank account:)
    danny B....i've been hunting around for the diva travel suitcase. not as fun as i thought.
    30+...all is well o. i know how busy everyone can be, didnt want disturb.
    naked soul...is someone back? and rebranded?
    rita...i thought so too, but the prices in the uk are still so high. one would think they're in denial about the recession.
    writefreak....ur nosy self would get info once my blackberry's up again..very soon.

  12. me i'm not sure about this dress o fq, she'd better be careful not to walk past a horny peahen...lol

    just make sure those shopping bags include a size 8 sth or size 4.5 sth... *wink*

    how are ur lovely nieces?

    I read ur last post, ur depth is amazing FQ, and we all feel the way u felt (at that point in time) about ur looks from time to time, hell i've been known to ask my ex if he still thot i was pretty...yup!

    it's not because we aren't, it's cuz we just need reassurance now and then.


    the fb guy is an asshole! what happened to keeping one's opinion to oneself? mcheew


    i have met u and i know u are all that and a bag of chips, plus u know all the "funn-est" events too!


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