101 things to do before you're old and boring....

101 things to do before i'm old and boring....
i got a book titled '101 things to do before you're old and boring' three years ago, i tend to get silly books sometimes for the heck of it. i admit most of the things in this book are absolutely stupid and i'd be crazy to do them...like absolutely. but then if i pass on doing them does that qualify me as old and boring?

things to do no 26 said that i start a blog. i already had two blogs before i got the book, but then i started 'inyamus eldorado ' which has been my most consistent blog.

no 38. says to make a time capsule.that was fun to do. just at the right time, yahoo 360 was organizing a time capsule. i don't remember what pictures or write ups i have locked up there, but thats the fun part, cos in 2020 twelve years from now when the capsule is opened i'll be shocked and i'll laugh at the silliness of it all.

no35. says learn how to ask someone out (and how to dump them) uhhh, sounds interesting , might try that one out. any volunteers?

things to do no 1. says to send a message in a bottle. here comes my sinister laugh. message in a bottle indeed. i was almost going to do that, my little fantasy filed head kept imagining a scene where some old lady picks up my message in a far away country(italy to be precise),then her drop dead gorgeous grandson out of curiousity and a little persuasion from his gandma emails me(with the address i'm instructed to include in the bottle) and then we'll fall in love and live happily ever after. indeed not. my friend laughed so hard when she heard my version of things. then she asked me to think away from fantasy, imagine the bottle floating away in the waves of alpha beach or takwa bay as the current carries it to bar beach(far cry from sailing to italy or some exotic country) and some water spirit or white garment pastor or crack head in barbeach picks it up, my email addy would be of no use as they would personally come sailing to visit me and/or the crack head would hallucinate about me so much he might actually sniff his way to me. i reconsidered doing this task.

no 14 says to see a ghost...they're so crazy, like i'd go out of my way to get haunted. i see a ghost even it its of my dearest daddy and i'd get a shock of a life time, never be myself again.....

no 58 says start a band, maybe with afrobabe and bumight as backup singers? i think not, maybe we could record separately in the shower cos i think thats when i sound the sexiest, and afro claims to be a singer in the shower too...anyone cares to join?

no 80 start your own secret society...need i say more? maybe i should consider it, not the violent ones of schools like vikings and black axes around....but something more...exciting, maybe chasing and dumping boys like no 35 says or probably....i could start one that specializes in bitch slapping girls that love to grab at some other ladies man, or men that love to stray a lil'.

no59 camp out in the back garden....well i tried moving from home once after mom scolded me for stealing(taking?) a bar of chocolate from her room without her permission.i was going to move out to the backyard(that was as far as i was permitted to go without an adult) i got a couple of sticks together to build my own little tent and damn the movies for making it seem easy, my seven year old self almost died of exhaustion trying to haul just one stick into the ground. i packed my lil rucksack back to the room to sleep in my comfty bed, permanently forgeting i was mad at mom

no 78 says to hold a jumbo sale. bad idea as i'd repurchase everything i put up for sale. i'm that sentimental about my pocessions....

basically its a fun book, but some things on the list make me think twice, and attach life's lessons to it. it comes off as more than just goofy stuff.
i'll do as much '101 things to do post' as i can for lack of better things to blog about, cos right now my life is one roller coaster anything but my story is worth blogging about.

and moving on to bright and sunny things... the rainbow.
i saw the rainbow last week thursday, it was the highlight of my existence last week. after a near frustrating week, i was in the car headed home, as nina simone played in the background,then i saw it, way up yet so close to me. it teased me endlessly, it cheered me up, reminded me of the awesomeness of God and his infinite mercies, of what hes promised to me, of all that is beautiful and all that is wonderful. it was the rainbow.

its been years since i observed one, or got excited over one. and that childhood that loved all things beautiful came to play as i exclaimed gleefully and excitedly looked on and cheered, there was this beautiful aura in the car, nina simone sounded like some angelic chant and in my head, i had the 'halleluyah hyme' playing like a scene in a movie where the actor strolls out from a fight scene victorious doing the 'cool' walk in slow motion. it made me remember this poem by William Wordsworth
My heart leaps up when I behold
A rainbow in the sky:So was it when my life began;
So is it now I am a man;So be it when I shall grow old
Or let me die!The Child is father of the Man;
And I could wish my days to be Bound each to each by natural piety...

lifes beautiful afterall. i was grateful for having that moment to give me a soft landing,and i called those who mattered to share.


  1. The rainbow had a +ve effect on u.

    I sound like a star in the shower, so give me a ring if you choose to start a band.

  2. 2ndddddddddddddddddddd... for some reason you are not updateing on my blog roll...hmmm...got to check that out...

  3. Lmao @ at the message in a bottle, b4 I even finished reading it I thought….area boys!!!

    Ghost kuh…no way, this was my everyday prayer in boarding school…not to see a ghost!!

    And hey, I can sing!! Those that truelllllllly love me say I sound good…they rest of you all tell me to leave it to the radio…we’ll sing a song and all the bloggers will feature…NO LONG THING!!!

    Me thinks we are already in a secret society…blogville..

  4. like the start a band thing. i imagine all of you ladies singing in the shower - naked

  5. rainbows!!!!!!!!!!
    nice one!!!!!!!!!

    that book harsh o...secret society?????

  6. I kinda thing this list isnt too bad to save ne from boredom. (lol)

  7. life sure is beauriful!!!!
    but babes, i nor mind dat 'leta in a bottle thingy' o, try it n lets kno how far, u can neva tell... lolllll
    norrin do u jor'


  8. Yes o we are already in a secret society blogville (I've forgotten what carlang called it).

    Lol at message in a bottle.

    True it's been a while since I saw a Rainbow.

    Don;t mind those 101 thing people you are not boring rather they are strange.

  9. I love rainbows too. There is just something special and hopeful about them.

    How come you didnt call me to share, so am not special abi? okay o


  10. 101 things to do?
    That's a whole lotta things.
    My life is exciting enough as it is.

  11. oluwadee...yes it did.its amazing how the little things brighten up our lifes.
    as for the band....i'll hold you up on that offer.

    afrobabe...jeez those ghost stories in boarding school were not easy oh, i started hallucinating about bush babies at one piont.
    as for the singing, i might have to disqualify you oh. cos you're bragging too much.
    as dbanj says(his new album is a bit hot) you dont have to know how to sing to sell your music. that sums it up eh.

    jinta...and you'd be the back up singer, or the guitarist.

    standtall...it sure saves you from boredom and same time drives you to do stupid things, like say 'haunt a ghost'

    lg...not me and you oh, why dont we do the experiment together. at least if mammy water wan carry me, i'll have you to hold on to. deal?

    30+...the more i hear about blogville being a secret society, the more i believe. the only thng missing is the formal initiation.lol

    i'm sure the rainbow comes out more often than we think, only we're too busy to notice it.

    princesa...uyes there is, especially the colours, you can drown in the beauty of it.
    my sweetheart, you are too special jare. so i called you in spirit, you didnt pick up. sulking double at you.

    tobenna...ahem...portacourt is enough excitement on its own.
    maybe the 102 thing i should add to the book is 'get chased by militants'. lol

  12. ME me.
    Ask me out..


    Hi dear.
    We really should hang out soon..


  13. Lol @ you building a house for yourself at 7, my sister and i attempted to build a farm behind our house as kids, i wasn't as daring and she ended up with stitches on her elbow after uncontrolled bleeding, yikes...do the letter in a bottle thing, let's see how it goes...lmao!

  14. sure I'll sing, infact, I want to be the lead singer!!!

  15. Yeah "huntng ghost" that's somthing

  16. 101 things? That's too much.

    But I think I've done 102 amazing things already ;)

  17. NO 35 IS FOR ME!

    i dont mind being dumped (its not such a big deal, its happened to me more times than i'd like to remember)

    and i have a rainbow too. though -

    every single day
    my rainbow
    turns a deeper shade of grey. . .

  18. Number 102.
    Update before i get lynched!!


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