23 cheers!

i hit 23 er 20 on sunday, i feel really old, not so old that i'd be in a home(lol' obviously) but old enough to look at cute little babies and sigh and think...'that should be mine 10 years ago. okay i'm not that crazy eh.

6th july it was, i cant remember sliding into the world or the first pain that made me yelp from the doctors first spank on my backside(his only chance of getting kinky with me. lol sweet old man he was) but i can still feel the love and blessings thats been giving to me by my family from birth till now. it dont matter that i always have fights with my sister T, or H, E and mom tend to be overly protective. its all love behind the little hitches.
no i didnt grow a tooth at one month(couldnt afford to be deprived of the breastfeeding so i chilled like a normal kid) nor did i talk at three months(cos i wanted to hear all the juicy secrets) nor walk at four months. i sure wasnt a wonder baby(well i was but i curbed it cos i needed humility for a bit) but i definately had the brain to choose this wwonderful family as my earthly abode.

they say what is humility but inverted pride? so true so true, so i'm not going to choke on pride buried inside me anymore(yes i was really a wonder baby, screw humility), i'm going to boast my heart out.
i've been a lot of things before twenty three. i'm been fat, i've been model thin and inbetween i've been smashing(define smashing the way you want).
i've been wanna be razz, i've been posh, and i've been good plain ol' jane doe.
i've been flat broke, i've hit my millionaire naira mark over and over again in the real sense:). and by real sense i mean with no family connection, no hand outs from them, but just simple subtle hustling...lol'(yes i have been a silent predactor)
and same time i've learnt that while its tempting to live the life and spend like a superstar, i've got to do investments that'll pay me off in years to come. thus i've gotten myself rooted in some good choices(i hope) of private companies.
i might not be where i had hoped to be by now, but i've achieved more than i expected.
nope, no relationship yet, lots of dates that gets tiring...but its fun
i've been many a things by 23, but i've never stopped being me in the long run.
i've been insecure, i've been independent, i've been sweet, i've been a devil, i've loved, i've hated....most importantly i have lived. i'm gateful to God for those tender mercies i seem to miss and take for granted.

23 is good, sorry i get the numbers mixed up 20 is good i hope to achieve more and grow stronger in every aspect.be a better person too. grow with the positive, get rid of my favorite sentence 'i dont know' because i really do know,its just that i cant be bothered with talking too much. and as much as i hate the process of travel, i intend to travel a bit this year.been holed up in here forever. if i dont get my leave from work, then i'll take it as a sign to sod work and be freeeeee!

had problems organising something for me birthday cos i have such a diverse group of 'friends', and i knew putting them all under one roof would be some sort of .... so i had lunch organised at churrasco with those in my age group. i needed to feel loved, and then i rushed home to prepare for dinner with my sister and my older friends who i feel more comfortable with. then there was a midnight snack, ice cream and fudge cake with myself. the best of all the celebrations.


  1. I just wanted to say FIRST!!!

    I'm mad at u o!

  2. I also say I don't know a lot, just cos i cant b bothered 2 go into details @ that moment.

    A very happy bday 2 u deariee.
    Wish u many more fruitful years in Christ. Amen.

  3. happy birthday my love..yea my love..I was loving ur blog n personality alot but got a lil too busy to keep up...forgive me my love, for I have sinned...lol...sorry am just happy for ya and wish you all the best in the years to come

  4. Happy Belated Birthday o...

    *Lyfe Jennings accent on*

    23 is not the new 20, its the same ol' 20...dnt be mad at me babe! I'm jus a messenger baby

    am happy for u mehn...long for the day when I can look around me in triumph like u have...

    MAny more ahppy years!

  5. Happy birthday darling, hope you had a great day

  6. At last she updates...

    20 my ass…lmao..girl when you get to my age you just ignore the numbers and just say another birthday came and went…lol..

    Congrats and keep being you…

  7. lol@afro
    hope say d cake neva finish o

  8. you've lived, you're living and you have a long way to go. i just met you but i'm wondering where you've been all my life.
    Feliz cumpleanos chica you just started and you are giving me a run for my money.

  9. Happy birthday in arrears!!!!!! May God grant you many more!!!!!

  10. awww, happy belated buffdai!!!! loadsa luv!

  11. It's been ages

    Happy Belated Birthday first of all
    Hope u had a wonderful one
    May the lord continue to bless you with wisdom, beaty, knowledge, and breakthrough in every aspect.

    abeg travel jare and enjoy small

  12. happy birthday queenie

    there will be more to come so dont feel too old yet lol

  13. happy belated!!girl u are young o 23..enjoy it!!

  14. Happy belated birthday babes.. why do i feel you are pulling away fron blogging small by small

  15. wow!!we are down to d final 5 on blogville idol..pls go over to our page and listen to d contestants sing pls vote and dont forget to leave us a kind comment

  16. Hmmm you seem to be gently abandoning this blog dear...

  17. Happy 20/23rd Birthday

    I do feel old sha

    Where you been, true afro the babe is kind f slacking in updates o

  18. Happy 20rd buffday chick! Wish you more and more and more of good things and just enuf challenges to push you to the best you can be. Takia!

  19. happy very much belated birthday!
    Glad you can look back at your life and say you've lived..i pray you continue to grow in every area of your life.
    I say " I dunno" alot too. I say it at the beginning of an explanation because I don't know where to start and at the end because I don't know if I've really got the message across with my explanation.

    I have to work on stopping it as well because I know that I do know...lol


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