Brother o' brother, i love thee to death.

There's no other love like the love for a brother. There's no other love like the love from a brother. ~ Astrid Alauda

right now, at this moment, i love my brother more than i have ever felt love for a person. i love him so so much my heart breaks in pieces at the thought of harm coming his way.
my brother, i've always looked up to him in awe, though three years separate us, and although i was his growing pain, following him where ever he went, the little sister who just wouldn't chill out, i've always seen myself as his big little sister, i've always felt the need to take care of him and protect him as much as i can,i've fallen physically sick with worry on certain nights when i stayed awake waiting for him to come home, or moments i knew he was going through bad times and i could do nothing to help.

hes the only son, and thus enjoys this lavish attention from everyone, but is he spoilt by it? no, hes such a grounded young man who i adore, my prince charming, the only man i have ever wholesomely loved with no reservation despite the fact that he belongs to the lesser sex:)
it don't matter that he beat me in monopoly games and taunted me with his victory till i screamed in my head, or that he made me cry sometimes and told me scary stories...oh, how i always wanted to strangle him those moments he made me jolt from sleep in my young innocence with some false panic alarm by screaming FIRE FIRE FIRE, but i easily forgave him, because the sound of his laughter in mock of my fear was strangely soothing and loving even through my tears....or the times he threatened to tell on me for being naughty and doing things i was asked not to, but he never told on me, just loved to torture me with the threats. he was just a boy, better than i would have been if i was in his position.
He in turn has always fought for me, protected me from the over-protectiveness of my sisters, like some night i wanted to go hang out with my friends...bla bla bla. He had my back, he has my back and will always have it.

i looked forward to a happy holiday with him home, thats not happening, hes staying back in the uk.
its past my bed time and it'll be hell waking up at 5.30am to prep for work tomorrow, but i couldn't resist drooling all over his pictures, and here i am crying and wishing he would come home for Christmas.

i love you dear brother of mine and i'm extremely proud of you boo, the best years of your life is racing towards you, brace yourself.


  1. awww.......... im sure hes proud to have u as a sister too....... wish i could spend d xmas holidays with my brothers and parents too....... but i'd be all by myself....:(

  2. oh dear

    i'm sure he loves you in much the same way

    keep basking in his love........

  3. Awww, sweet. I wish i could write same for my bro... he is such an ass now since he got married but i still love him anyway. We were real buddies growing up though he is exactly 8 years older than i am (im his 8th birthday present). I guess im just not used to the idea he is totally responsible for his immediate family first before us.

  4. awwwww, this is sooo sweet!is he single? so i can have a healthy crush on

  5. Wow...this is so nice. Beautiful.

    LOL @ Smaragd's comment.

  6. I would had be jealous if i didnt have a brother.

  7. Aw looking forward to spending time with mine as well.

  8. first when I started reading this I tot..."someone really wants a christmas present from her brother" and as we know flattery is the way to go with them lesser sex people...

    But then I read on and saw the genuine errrm brotherly love, just for being him...that is so sweet, wish I could write something like that for my kid brothers...but I assure you they would laugh me off the face of the universe!!!!

    On second tots, why don't u spend xmas in Uk?...Then everyone is happy, includding Afrobabe!!!

  9. he cannot be the 'lesser sex' then if he is so special

  10. awww this is sweet really nice.


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