feliz navidad!!!!

happy holidays y'all!
i love Christmas....
i always miss out on all the Christmas parties in Lagos this season..
i had a blast in abuja.....
i'm home in makurdi for Christmas
every street corner is familiar with a memory linked to it.
childhood friends and family friends are in town,
its fun Playing with the boys and making the girls cry like i do every Christmas(i joke),
but this is when hating is at its best and you can actually laugh in the face of haters
I'm sleeping in bed with mummy...cosy cosy cosy!
the harmattans on, its dry and cold and dusty and just so beautiful,the weather says everything Christmas to me....
we didn't bring out the Christmas tree this year, the living room looks drab without it,instead there's a clutter of wii pieces everywhere as my sis and i justle about in the name of playing the game.my nieces aren't home to make decorating the tree a fun job, the house is drab with just a few of us home
i haven't played christmas carols like i should, i haven't played them at all.
we're busy seating together as a family and 'gisting' about everything that's happened this year.
making expensive international calls and staying on forever trying to make the others feel like they really are missing and we're having fun without them
then we goof around
then we eat like gluttons, cookies, cakes, fried goat, peppered chicken, coke, coke, coke, and pounded yam in its originality etc .....
then we take the 40min drive to go visit grandma, and eat some more, her world famous soups(yes they really are a treat, and people just keep going back to hers).....
i've got a long long list for santa baby, but i know there are loads of people with a long long list too,
so imma wait till after christmas when santa baby is a bit rested, then he'll have time to savor the feel of me on his laps and listen attentively as i whisper my needs one by one.

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE and have a blessed one.
don't forget the reason for the season....
and lets all be jolly.
'tis a season to be jolly.


  1. Feliz Navidad carino

  2. Jesus is the reason for the season. Merry Christmas to you too!

  3. Glad ur having a great Christmas........xx

  4. Merry Kiss'mass to you all! I ain't too happy but I'm still SHOUTING it!!!
    By the way, you've been mentioned in my itinerary for the hols. Drop by my MN blog to see your duties *wink wink*

  5. you might not want to wait till after xmas, cuz. cos santa will be GONE to the north pole by then!
    merry christmas!

  6. Merry Christmas....

  7. Barka da Kristimati (I know you're 'Hausa' so i decided to say it in the language) if not Merry Christmas!

  8. Enjoy your holiday girl....
    There's no place like home.

  9. Merry christmas darling, I can see you had loads of fun...

    and thanks for calling...

  10. santa should have time for you

    he aint doing nothing 364 days of the year

    happy hollidays queenie :)

    wish i could be there in the heat with you

  11. Thanks y'all, have a wonderful year.

  12. Happy New Year. Your blog was one of my favourites in 2008. Thanx


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