gimme dat 'ol time entertainment.

i grew up watching videos of sound of music, and first editions of Pinocchio, Alice in wonderland, the lion, the witch and the wardrobe, Oliver twist, Annie, chity chity bang bang et co. I would frustrate my siblings with my constant cry and whining to watch sound of music again and again especially when they wanted to watch more grown up movies or motown music videos(before the days of cables)
the day we discovered sherly temple.....OMG, no one really minded the number of times we watched bright eyes and everything with the cute little curly hair angel in it. i would cry, more like wail and wonder 'why did her parents die' or some sorry question, and then i would laugh with tears in my eyes at her singing and wit, much bigger than a girl of her age. she was my joy pill
i've been over myself looking for sherly temple dvds, i would do anything and then some to get them, so hook a sister up:).

these past year, i've been going back to the oldies for some substance in what i listen to and watch, have you noticed how tv shows these days are so messed up? i can barely stand gossip girl or myself for daring to love chuck bass:) but gosh, its irritating to hear crazy grown women in Lagos uuuh and ahhh over it, and laughingly say 'that's our life they're living' and actually try to figure out who's Serena, whos chuck, or who's Nate....and the teenagers want to act that way cos well, well gossip girl is about teenagers, the oc too, one tree hill....all tales of sex that see sex as normal with teenagers, thus the people in the real world want to live that way. don't get me wrong, they're quite interesting shows but for now I'm holding tight to family ties, Cosby show, little house on the prairie, Casablanca, grease, wizard of oz.....
and I'm addicted to old time radio comedy shows, hilarious, i go back to the 40's and lifes good. i've got hundreds of them on my ipod, i look forward to shows like 'my friend Irma, the Aldrich family, Archie, father knows best and the talk shows..
my favorite playlist on my ipods all frank Sinatra, muddy waters, ray Charles, Nina Simone, nat 'king' Cole, Sam Cooke, Gladys knight and the pips.....
of course i'm not completely off the newbies, but for now i'm in rehab to get myself together after the whole shocker of the modern day entertainment

these are some clips from bright eyes, one of my favorite scenes. enjoy


  1. babe, as if u can read my mind. most of these new shows are garbage, I stick to my favorites like House, and co. i watch discovery, discovery health, HGTV and style tv.

  2. true, very true babe. I love all those old cartoons, T>V series and comedies, makes a lot more sense than what we watch these days.

  3. are you a chef of sorts, my first time here after seeinmg your name all over other peeps blogs and decided to pass by, it could be something good after when i was younger i kept seeing some emily bronte book abiout 3 sisters (oba called what) and kept passing it yeah, three little women ! and i was told it was really good! socks too!

  4. she reminds me of rebecca of sunny brooks farm

    love(d) that movie

    hardly anything on tv now for kids to be kids

  5. tell me about it! i miss the old tv shows. i love the fact that they now show re runs of fresh prince, happy days, full house, wayans bros etc..... i love the new ones too but hey, nothing beats d old..... how r u dearie?

  6. The oldies are still the bestest!Content is supposed to improve as we advance but no, its getting sorrier everyday!

    Perhaps its a reflection of the fact that the world/society is getting worse.

    Howdy babes?

  7. OMG,..I COULD ACTUALLY HAVE WRITTEN THIS...except of cos its PG rated!!!lol..

    I have discovered I love old songs and movies as well...I recently watched "sound of music" and "the king and I£


  8. I have always enjoyed old shows but I sort of love Gossip Girl too though. I love old school music like salawa abeni (yeah, I realize that this is completely razz) Korington ayinla etc etc. I think its important to find value in things most people would not bother with.

  9. Funny enough,
    like Afro said, I couldv'e written this, My siblings and I grew up on the classics, I can talk with the characters in Grease, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, chitty chitty bang bang, sound of music, victor victoria and the likes, All that's been on heavy rotation these days is Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole for the past 2 weeks, probably has something to do with missing home so much..


  10. I have also been feeling nostalgic about these oldies for the past year and have bought loads of them now on dvd; from sound of music, mary poppins, chitty chitty bang bang, the king and i, summer holiday, to the entire James Bond series...

    Merry Christmas babes. Ring me when you get back to Lagos.

    Big hug. xx

  11. I love the good ship lollipop!

    oh and i grew up on cartoons basically and of course the regular classics like sound of music.

    I watch these new series, but i've had my finger permanently on fast forward these days!never thot i'd live to see the day when couples making love in movies would irritate me! lol

    even cartoons are no longer what they used to be!hmph! it's a huge shame really.

    i'll join u in this rehab, it is a very good idea.

    merry xmas darling!

  12. i just got a collection of Shakespeares movies, will start from there...

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