heading to J-town

Whenever I'm in jos there's always this feeling of .... Don't know what to call it, but its a good feeling.
Except for today, cos all I can think of is the bloodshed from a few weeks back, the pain and losses so many people had to go through, the cousin of a friends friend who was brutally murdered, the friends family house that was set ablaze with his cousins in it. So much loss over nothing
There's tight security and police checkpoints everywhere, that's the only sign that there's tension on the air, every otherthing looks normal. Well I'm still in the outskirts of town, so maybe I might see what I think I'll see as we drive into town, although I hope not to see no burnt or wrecked objects.

I used to be all excited about coming to jos, it holds beautiful memories of wonderful vacations with dad and mom and the whole family, whenever I see the cactus plants at the outskirts, and the mini markets with loads of fresh vegies and potatoes I get impatient to get into the town. but today all I feel is fear, would mom and I be caught up in some spontaneous drama of bloodshed?
Every face around me suddenly has the mark of a mercenary...I'm a bit paranoid.

But all said, I'm glad I'm seeing the hills and the rocks again. Maybe someday my childhood dream of actually climbing some of this rocks would actually come to pass, but till then I'll keep imagining me on them :)
I'll wear my cardigan and a vest all morning, cos its a bit chilly. i remember those days were it used to rain ice, tiny drops of ice falling when it rained, now with the whole global warming/weather change it hardly ever happens anymore...I love the weather here
Heading straight to the hospital, have an appointment with some consultant, after that, i wish i could explore this town I love....go visiting friends, hopefully there would be no drive up those hills...too faint hearted for that right now,
God bless all those who lost someone in the jos crisis.

Its going to be a good year!


  1. Have a safe trip and my family just travelled through Jos and said the same about the military all over.

    I think of Nasco when I remember Jos.

  2. Be careful, didnt even know something was up in Jos...... God be with u

  3. lol @ ladi...I also remember nasco when I think of Jos....

    lovely town, almost died of cold there...I also lost family in the blood shed and my brother who was in UJ barely escaped it..

    It is well love..hope the hospital appointment goes well..

  4. Nasco biscuite and waffers.....Gee
    The whole Jos thing makes me sad anytime I remember.
    I hope you enjoy your trip

    @ Afro...sorry about that.

  5. have fun in jos. happy new year.

  6. Happy New Year Dear. You made Jos sound so interesting despite what is going on now...

  7. Api-nu-ye!
    Enjoy urself in J-town...

  8. The year doesn't have a choice o...it just has to be good!


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