Goodbye's the saddest word....

I hate goodbyes.

It really is the saddest word. I've said loads of goodbyes this first week of the year I've got a migraine from sobbing. I said goodbye to my mum and brother when they droped my sis and I off at the airport in abuja, I said good bye to my favorite aunties and uncles,I said goodbye to the royalty treatment and riding on the seat of power and V.I.P treatments:)

Got back to lagos and now heading to the airport to say goodbye to my sister and my little best friends, my nieces. I'll cry a little and I'll try to be posh about it, it'll be all about sniffing and dabbing my wailing.

But some goodbyes are the merriest, like saying goodbye to 2009 and all the mistakes it held, all the doubts and all the worries. I kissed it goodbye with a glad heart. Thankful to God that despite it all I made it through, and it was a year of a resurrection of something buried deep within me, something I can't place a name on. One thing I got out of it is an awakening of my faith in a big big way.
Happy newyear everyone. May this year exceed our expectations, and may christ reign in us as we glide through it, remembering we are princes and princesses of a kind, thus we are above every situation that tries to bring us down.
God bless.
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  1. Happy New Year and welcome to a new decade. Have a safe flight.

  2. lol. you;ll be posh about it? i'll have to remember that the next time i cry. i said a very happy farewell to 09 too my dear, i think we all did.

  3. Happy New Year to u too jare! ur just too much!

  4. Happy new year and don't worry goodbyes are necessary to say hello. 2010 will be great!

  5. happy nu yr and may it wash up all the things you desire on your life's shores!

  6. Happy New Year FQ!!!! Have a blessed 2010!

  7. Happy New Year dear. You are actually saying goodbye to the right things.

    Wishing you a great 2010. Lots of Love...

  8. Goodbye 2009

    welcome 20-10

    its gonna be a fabulous year

  9. Happy new year!

    Goodbyes can be hard but they're a necessary part of life!


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