I will not be ignored part 1: Semi-retirement

The only way to enjoy retirement/time out moments is if there's a mass retirement/timeouts with all your friends. Life would be better. I want to travel NOW, a fun holiday, every other persons got work. I mean its so unfair, everyday's meant to be one big holiday for me(my bank account is a rainbow of colors right now, but that don't matter, and I refuse to go back to taking money from mom.....well, if she insists I can't refuse can I? Thus I can still afford to pay for trips)
Now you send a bb message(which I seem to have more time for, mostly to ask important questions though....like who's the guy who bought you dinner the other day again?)*I would like to state at this point that bbm's could be so annoying sometimes,I exempt myself from the annoying ones though* and they reply hours later saying "hey love, in a meeting, ttyl".
Duhhhh, I used to be them, I used to be the one in meetings, do they know who I've met and had meetings with?:)
And they don't even have time enough to write 'talk to you later" in full, I'm now one of the abbreviated ones. *fuming*
I'll show them.
Now I have to go play golf all by myself(yeah yeah,I'm not talking about ikoyi club or one of those resorts, this is even better) I'll be playing golf of course in the comfort of my living room, thanks to Wii:)
Seriously, sometimes its busy for me, but sometimes I'm all bored, no ones available for lunch anymore(before we'd meet up quickly and rush back to work), I sort of resent that bit with my friends, I mean why can't you have a nice long lazy lunch with your retired friend on a weekday? That's not how to treat people.
And on friday evenings and all weekend, they're suddenly my best 'friends' again, they want to "hear all about it ".
They want to ping ping ping and talk talk talk, and eat out out out, how possible is it? "You want me to tell you about all the phone calls I had and all the dudes that recited some rhymes to me and the girl who gave me the evil eye the other day at the icecream factory all at once? Joker, I sent you a ping and you were in a meeting, you missed your chance" you ttyl me.
She gasp *shocked silence*
And she goes
"So you wouldn't tell me what happened? Not fair, you said it was important stuff"
O well I can't die with the gist so I start to summarize my whole week over a shared bowl of bluebunny ice cream and crumbled oreos...... The ice cream is finished even before I get to the part of the story where i answer the phone. The main gist that is(well cos I have to say what I was doing before the phone rang, and how I looked for the phone which was hiding under a discarded pair of jeans, which she needs to check out, got it at a bargain.....)But the ice creams finished, its sunday evening, they've got work tomorrow. "Bye love, have a great week" she says as she runs off.....not even caring to hear the last part of my story. The important part.
now, retirement home with the real oldies sounds more appealing as the days go by. I'm moving to florida. Get me some bingo patners, and people who would listen to me talk all day long.
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  1. golf in the afternoon? I'm jealous. Hoping all is well. E go betta

  2. Which type of retirement? Retiring from what?

    Please send me some bluebunny ice-cream...how wont it finish...

  3. Don't worry one way or the other blogsville can and still provides people to "listen" to you yak all day!!!! LOL

  4. Thank u :) check out that emo boy one over this blog:

  5. Well I agree but I about the collection should have more info then it has.


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