In matters of politics and national affairs,I hate to talk. I read what the papers have to say, hear what the people have to say, and then simmer it in, laugh at them if they don't make sense and go ahead with my own business. I'm not one to talk. But nigeria has become a movie, more like one of those ill produced nollywood flicks thats classified as a dramatic comedy.
The last I heard about uncle Musa was at christmas, Turia's husband was said to be on life support. The question is "is he still on earth or has he been snatched away to the great beyond?"
Even for Nigeria, a country that's so pompous, arrogant and greedy and of course the happiest of them all this is highly unacceptable and so embarrassing.....46 days running on auto pilot. No pathetic lies to keep us calm, everyones as mute as can be.
A chief justice that was sworn in unconstitutionally,
A supplementary budget with a forged signature
A vice president who can only seat and wait because he can't do more without an official handover.
An attorney general who's just as corrupt as those hes after. he bends the law to suit whos on the other side.

A foreign minister who unashamedly tells a foreign media that he hasn't spoken with the president since he left the shores of this country.....46days ago. Like seriously I almost docked my head under the table in shame especially as the reported said in disbelief "you're the foreign minister and you haven't communicated with the president even once?"
An information minister who only whines 'its not fair' in response to Americas reaction to Umar. What the heck? The statement released by the inspector general of police holds more sense than all the long speeches madams been muttering. I remember waiting In the lounge of abuja international airport and there were some ministers and members of the executive council seated there. all they talked about was mrs information and her aimless talks. Now I know why. Say something reasonable, 'its not fair' is what a child would say.
Our president should have been on the phone with Obama rubbing minds and discussing how best to handle this issue(that's what they do in the movies). if tat was done, i think we wouldnt have made the list.

our law makers foolishly give an ultimatum to America...take our country off the list or......whos to loose if ties are broken. i read an article that states that Nigeria is becoming irrelevant to America. they dont really need our oil like the used to.

We're still talking Nigeria and comedy yeah? Then we can't fail to mention the Ibori case. That gets me rolling on the floor laughing(in my mind of course)
Soludo, CBN and anambra state.
‎​"It's a great shame that Nigeria suffers the embarassment of being one of the largest producers of crude oil & yet we can't provide petrol for our people"-Minister of State,Petroleum.
Either I see the joke In this statement or I die of a migraine from trying to figure out this country.
the vision 2010, I bet they thought 2010 would never arrive. Well its here and we're all just silent, still where we were
7 point agenda.... ha hah ha ha ha ha

I guess aside from praying for this country and hoping the constituion is not suspended i.e military coup, we can only seat as spectators and laugh as the movie is played out.

Anyone who's seen our president, please tell him we miss him, we want him back. We don't mind that he's baba go slow, we wouldn't even mention his pace anymore. We just want him home.
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  1. Unfortunately, these situations stares us in our faces. Now i believe is the time for us to arise and say NO to 'em all.....

  2. I wonder if the senate is not seeing all this eh? This thing is paining me oo, Where is YarAdua?

  3. And to think We clock 50 this year.

    what a Shame.


    You seriously believe Nigeria has a president?
    I know i don't.

  5. I am right with you sister. I feel like crying reading your post. We shall overcome someday.

  6. I guess your question has been answered today.

  7. @ sirius, it has. I feel sorry for him. But the laughings got to stop at some point. Hopefully Goodluck will really be a goodluck for the nation.

  8. This is what we get for sacrificing our rights for tribalism , money and other unsavory things. We are stuck with animals in suits, literally. And yes, I would love to censor myself, but I feel I do too much of that. But for now, I don yarn finish.

    Happy new year, o jare, my sista.

    May 2010 be a wonderful year for you and yours!

  9. He's 'alive' but rather than call the White House, he calls the BBC.

  10. Ask again. Tabloids say he's kicked the bucket and others say he's ill..what am I supposed to believe sha?.

  11. Seriously, "Enough is Enough"!

    How body?

  12. My dear, this matter is not a small matter oh


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