dance dance dance

celebrity takes 2 season 2 is over. it was fun while it lasted, although i didnt get to attend or watch as much as i should have....
yemi blaq was the champ..... good for him, he danced so well considering his size. and hes such a sweet,poetic and intelligent MARRIED young FATHER. he deserved it. (yeah i had to warn all the ladies, i hear they've crazy about him)

dance is serious business as i got to learn. its not easy and i've got a new found respect for dancers, especially the nigerain dancers. the 'celebrities' should be commended too, from the rehearsals i got to attend, all i can say is, if it was me, i'd slap my instructor out of frustration and walk out of the show. spirit of david and the ijodee group did really well. they got me questioning myself and my lack of talents i.e dance skills.
Thus i'm taking dance lessons. well thats what i said during the show, i arranged with one of the span ladies for private lessons. i've just been busy, in and out of town and maybe just a little bit lazy to follow it through.just the thought of driving to the dance studio in ikoyi gives me a headache.. but i will soon. shes going to teach me salsa, hiphop,ball room dancing, contemporary dance and all the fancy names....not like i really care about tango or ball room et co. i only love mentioning that i'll be starting a private dance class for the effect. maybe i'll get to follow it through.
it was fun backstage....the comedians that gave much laughter(i.e fred amata),i just loved to seat and entertain myself. lots of young talented people i got to meet from makeup artist to dance instructors, to designers. here are some back stage pictures from the few times i showed up.

day one...cameras were not allowed into the hall, i stole a shot:)
rapper kel, obiora obiwon and fathia balogun. i didnt know who fathia or kel were till the show. i think fathia really prettys up when she smiles.obiwon
stella damasus and Dakore. i love this picture. if ionly i was the type to get star stuck or i was a nollywood fanatic i'd have it blown up and placed on my bedroom wall:)
stella and her dance patner wale......he took her dancing all the way to the top three
faze and folake....i loved the burglar concept they used for their breakdance
fathia balogun
kel and her patner francis...the zoo keepers in the house.
yemi blaq and his patner funke, shes one hell of a creative dancer...took him all the way to the top
obiwon and his patner lillian. lilian is one of the most driven and creative person ever. and shes a great dancer too...unfortunately, they didnt get to stay on for as long as i wanted.
fathia and buddy....ready to break the dance

one of the presenters Ben...hes so hilarious. this was the breakdance i think...
Fred Amata... now this one was full of laughs
obiora obiwon....
clowning around, yemi blaq and Bimbo Akintola
everyone came in with bands...thanks to breakdance
obiora and lillian...african contemporary dance
kel and francis

yemi blaq...the champ
yemi blaq and obiwon

zaaki and bunmi
the delightful Yinka Davies.
fathia balogun buddy
bimbo of the presenters


  1. So we will be seeing you in Celebrity takes 5? hehe . nice pics btw.

  2. @aloofar....yeah i took em myself, all but one. if i was celeb crazy i'm sure i'd have handed my camera out to be in all the pics:) thanks. who knows we might have a bloggers dance show, and i'd emerge the winner.

  3. looks like you all had a good time

    its amazing how similar you all look to african americans in the states

    a lot of yall i cant tell apart from us

  4. looks like everyone had a blast! Yourself included, ms paparazo

  5. hi everybody

    great forum lots of lovely people just what i need

    hopefully this is just what im looking for looks like i have a lot to read.


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